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On Wednesday night Hannah, Emma and I went to London for the Voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop, hosted by the Voucher Codes lifestyle magazine Most Wanted.  I’m not always able to go to London events when they’re midweek but with the promise of the opportunity to swap clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as cupcakes, cocktails, a craft table and manicures, it definitely sounded like it was well-worth taking the afternoon off for.  Luckily, Emma’s other half Nick had an event in London too that night so we all piled into Emma’s car and headed up on Wednesday afternoon.

Our first priority once we arrived in London was to get some food, and so we located an Itsu around the corner from the event and filled up on noodles and green tea; of course I managed to flick noodle soup down my front which is a good look for an event I feel! We’d seen on the event Twitter feed that they had some gorgeous Zara box clutches available for swaps so we arrived bang on the 6pm start but to our disappointment they’d already been snagged (*shakes fist at Lauren!*) Luckily there were lots of other things on offer, and so we got ourselves one of the amazing cocktails they were serving….

.. and started having a good rummage! The way a Swap Shop works is that you get stamps based on what you’ve brought with you, so one stamp for lower end brands like H&M and Primark, two for mid-range like Zara and All Saints and three for Designer.  We all ended up with ten stamps and so we had a good nose through all the clothes and shoes, looking for treasures.  My first grab was the black version of the top I actually wore to the event, definitely a good find!

img credit: voucher codes

We also had a good raid of the sweets table – Voucher Codes cupcakes and a whole pic ‘n’ mix selection with candy striped bags to fill up! I was in heaven!

img credit: voucher codes

There was also a photo booth and we had lots of fun piling in and pulling silly faces.  There were loads of lovely people there I’d either met before (Sarah, Chloe, Law, Lauren and others), and many more I hadn’t met but had been dying to (was especially excited to meet Laura, Sally and Stephanie) so as well as photoboothing and clothes rummaging there was also a lot of time for chinwagging!

imgs: voucher codes
me and emma (and bump!)

At the end I came away with some H&M trousers, a Dahlia dress (that’s too small, boo!), the H&M top I was wearing but in another colour (bag of the night!), a Topshop cropped vest and a Dorothy Perkins dress.  Definitely a good little haul! Will be sharing some of these with you in outfit posts over the next few weeks I’m sure.

Overall it was an amazing event – one of the best I’ve ever been to – and so much fun, thankyou to Vouchercodes for inviting me.

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