A weekend in Weymouth

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in ages – filled with sunshine, good friends, and good food, everything was absolutely perfect.  As some of you might know, my boyfriend Tom lived in Weymouth before we moved in together so we have lots of friends down there and always enjoy going down for a visit.  We set off on Saturday morning with Bodhi – sunglasses on, windows down and music blaring out, enjoying the drive in the beautiful sunshine.  When we arrived our first port of call was lunch with friends – unbeknownst to us there was a folk festival on around the harbour and so we negotiated our way through morris dancers, food stalls, and stages hosting folk bands to find a sunny spot in which to eat and while away the afternoon.

We settled in Hope Square, in front of Brewers Quay, a redeveloped Victorian brewery which has lots of little shops inside.  It’s normally a quieter spot away from the beach-based crowds but the Square was packed with people enjoying the folk music, drinking beer and eating sausages and burgers from the barbecue stall.  I think Bodhi was a bit overwhelmed!

me and lindsey

We ordered burgers and sandwiches and couldn’t resist a jug of Pimms, it’s pretty much the law when it’s sunny isn’t it?

After a couple of hours of enjoying the music and soaking up the sun (did I mention it was sunny?) we decided to head home to enjoy the rest of the warm weather in our friends’ garden.  We couldn’t resist stocking up on some M&S snacks on the way and so we had a little picnic of olives, dups, crisps, crudités and Veggie Percy Pigs.  We’d also brought with us some Blackberry and Elderflower Pimms (on offer in Morrisons for £10 if you have one near you!) which was absolutely divine with strawberries, blueberries and ice cold lemonade.

After a long afternoon of Pimms, crisps, and then moving on to board games (we know how to party!) we headed out to The Stable, a restaurant which exclusively sells pizza, pies and cider.  They do ‘tasting boards’ of cider with five different ciders to try – after we’d had our first drinks we decided to order one… at the same time as the waitress brought one over to apologise for the pizzas taking over an hour to arrive.  So then we had ten ciders to drink!

Time for a quick pose before we headed onto the next place… I’m wearing a top I got at the Blogger Swap Shop, I wore it with disco pants and wedges.  I’d had my hair cut and blowdried the evening before, it doesn’t look as nice as this anymore!

We then headed on to a bar where a covers band were playing – cue a game of Beat The Intro and lots of silly dancing!

The next morning our friends whipped up an amazing breakfast (they really know how to spoil us!) and after some more lazing around in their garden we headed back home.

Such a perfect weekend – everything is just so much better in the sun isn’t it?

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