Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist

1. | Topshop | £26

2. Sandals | Emma Go | £132

3. Bella Dress | Poppy Lux | £29

4. Full length dungarees | Daisy Street | £29.99

5. Cutout playsuit | Daisy Street | £26.99

6. | Topshop | £36

7. Sandals | Dr Martens at Spartoo Shoes | £102

You’ll notice a few Topshop things on my wishlist this week as I have a £50 voucher I’ve been hoarding for a few weeks waiting for the perfect item to come along.  I’ve been eyeing up a few things on the website but wasn’t sure about fit but Sarah tells me you can get things delivered to store next day for £2 so I think I’ll be doing a mass order and try on (and then returning most of it, promise!)

I am a bit in love with the third dress, from Poppy Lux.  Poppy Lux launched a few weeks ago and are a sister brand of Sugarhill Boutique.  Their items are a bit more dressy/going out-wear than SB and they have some gorgeous things (I think the dress is a bit of a bargain at sub £30 too).

I am also in love with the last pair of sandals, though at £102 I probably won’t be indulging.  I’m really desperate for some black, strappy, heeled sandals for the holiday but I need to remind myself that I don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe just because I’m going away for a few days… (dammit!) Do you tend to buy yourself lots of new things when you’re off somewhere sunny? I only have a 15kg luggage allowance so I’ll be living in bikinis and shorts!

Congratulations to entry 232 – Kate Lockett – who won the Lashes of London giveaway.  I will be holding a very summer-y giveaway with more prizes over the next week so don’t feel too bad if you didn’t win!

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