Shoegazing: Top Three

As some of you might know, myself and some other bloggers have a partnership with Spartoo shoes and do regular work with them, which I feel so lucky to be able to do as I really like them as a company (not to mention the hundreds and thousands of amazing shoes they have!).  I’m forever nosing at their website, especially as they now sell clothes too.  As I spend so much time looking at shoes I thought I’d do a quick round-up of three pairs I’m currently eyeing up.

converse all star dainty basic shoes | £29.95

I used to own loads of pairs of Converse when I was about 16/17 and then I went off them and sold them all on eBay.  Last year when I was in Florida I treated myself to a pair and now I’ve fallen in love again and wear them all the time!  I want to get another colour and this baby blue pair would be perfect with jeans or summer-y dresses (I live in hope!)

kat maconie lucy sandals | £199

Ah, be still my beating heart! Granted these are quite pricey but I just think they are beautiful.  I love so many of the Kat Maconie shoes but these are my favourites – I’m convinced that they would go with everything and also that they might, probably need to come and live at my house fairly soon.

lola ramona wedges | £96.99

Aren’t these just pretty as a peach? I wouldn’t know whether to wear them or put them on a shelf and look lovingly them at them.  I love the bow and the stripey wedge!

Have you got your eye on any shoes lately? What are your favourite brands of shoes? (I need some shopping inspiration!)

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