Ruby Rocks Wedges

Whilst I was away on holiday I took a few outfit posts which I thought I’d share with you interspersed with other bits over the next few days.  You might have seen most of the things in this post already, except for the wedges which are a new wardrobe addition, and I am head over heels for.  This H&M top is becoming a bit of a wardrobe staple as it can be dressed up or down and I adore the colour and lace detail.  I like the way it fits with the neon trend without being too ‘in your face’ or looking like a giant highlighter pen.

The wedges were kindly sent to me by Barratts just before my holiday.  I was allowed to pick something from their site and I fell in love with these Ruby Rocks wedges.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love black and gold together and they are so comfortable to walk in.  The laces are ribbon too which I think is a really cute detail.  I think they look okay in a more casual outfit like this one but I also can’t wait to wear them with a little black dress.

top: h&m [instore] | necklace: ebay | shorts: vintage/DIY | wedges: ruby rocks at barratts* £35

Looking at these photos now it feels like Rhodes was about a month ago when it’s actually under a week since I got back.  It’s probably the British weather washing away any memory of sunshine – even my tan is peeling off now too (gross!) Luckily I only have to wait a couple of weeks and then we’re going on holiday again, this time to France.  A bit different from our Greece holiday, this time we’re going with Tom’s Mum and Dad and will be doing lots of exploring, touring and staying in some beautiful holiday homes – as well as lots of eating and drinking (that bit’s the same!) I just hope the sun is kinder to us than it was in Greece, I do not want to see more clouds and thunderstorms thankyou very much!

I hope your weeks are good so far – I went to a Body Pump class at the gym last night and I am pretty ache-y today so my Tuesday night is going to involve a glass of vino, a long bubble bath, catching up on last night’s Made in Chelsea and maybe tonight’s episode of The Valleys (my real guilty pleasure) – I find I spend the entire time I’m watching it feeling utterly horrified at their behaviour but I can’t take my eyes off it, proper car crash TV!  I will also be doing a bit of online Filofax hunting, I decided today (despite already buying two diaries as options to replace mine that runs out in a couple of days) that I need a Filofax in my life and now I have all sorts of difficult decisions to make like, what size, what pages, and so on… I guess there are worse things to have to deliberate!

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