I thought today I would share a few things that have come into my possession recently, predominantly through the wonder of internet shopping (not as in I found them on the street or something…)  The first is a plethora of Lush treats Hannah brought with her when she popped over last week.  I am lucky enough to live just round the corner from Hannah who runs Baileycakes blog and we regularly have gossip evenings that usually involve pajamas and lots of tea.  She knows I have been hankering for some more Lush goodies for quite some time and so she bought me a bag chock full of Lush treats, what an absolute babe.  The little Dream Cream and Twilight will be coming in my travel bag on holibobs!

I remember some time ago when my Mum was eyeing up my brother’s then girlfriend’s bag and the excitement we displayed when she revealed it was from ‘‘ A website where everything is five quid? What is this place of magic and wonder?? This is the first time I’ve bought something from there but when I wanted some new wedges I knew I’d probably only wear on holiday and thus I didn’t want to spend much money on, I thought that website would be a good bet.  I didn’t bank on coming away with two pairs of shoes but there’s just something about these studded pointies, I think they look like Hobbit shoes (I realise that isn’t most people’s motivation to buy something).

I also treated myself to some new shoes for work with my Spartoo credits this week.  I only have one pair of ratty old flat shoes I regularly wear to work so I thought it was time for a change.  I really love androgynous footwear, particularly brogues and loafers and I thought these, by KMB (£63), would be a welcome new addition.

Treating myself to some bits from Escentual seems to be a bit of a monthly habit these days.  This month it was a couple of things for pre-holiday, and to go in my suitcase.  I’ve been wanting to try the Bioderma H20 Micelle solution (£4.50) for some time and I thought I’d treat myself to a little 100ml version to go in my suitcase.  The Clarins Liquid Bronze (£14.40) is so I can have a little bit of a (fake) tan before I go, and to keep it topped up when I get back!

The final new addition is my beautiful Zatchels satchel.  I ordered it during their birthday sale, so it was half price – it’s a 13″ with a handle and it was around £50 which was an absolute bargain.  I think the cream colour will be perfect for the summer and I’m definitely going to get lots of wear out of it.  It’s my third satchel purchase of the year so I think I need to calm down a bit now….

Have you treated yourself to anything new recently?

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[this is a scheduled post, I’m currently on holibobs!]