My diary is rather spiralling out of control at the moment, with every entry full of scribbled engagements and plans.  I know I’m really lucky to have lots of friends to see, events to attend and the means to take weekends away and holidays, but I must admit I am rather looking forward to whenever my next ‘quiet period’ presents itself! We’re away for most of June touring around France and every evening until then is full of appointments and preparations so the next week (before we go) is going to fly by.  July is then a whirlwind of catching up and it’s already filling up with some long-promised weekends to visit friends and barbecues (assuming the weather gets the memo).

Whenever I find myself hoping for some periods of calm my mind also inevitably turns to making our home something of a ‘sanctuary’ in which to find it.  I find myself almost scheduling months in for ‘nesting’ – I’ve already figured that August is going to be a time to be ‘home’ and get more stuck into the long list of DIY we still have to do.  Our next project is the conservatory, which I want to fill with comfy furniture, rugs and lots of plants so it’s the perfect place to sit and read in the sunshine (wishful thinking) or come inside to from the garden if it gets chilly or unexpected rain ruins a barbecue (more likely).

This one I spotted on Pinterest is rather ideal but I’m not sure Tom would let me get away with so much pretty…

In classic Rosie style I’ve of course already started scouting out things to decorate the conservatory with before we’ve done any of the boring stuff like laying carpet or identifying exactly where the leak is (one of the windows lets in water).  We have a long way to go before it looks anything like the above! I’ve been looking at buying a sofa bed rather than traditional conservatory furniture as it’ll give us another space where guests can stay – though it might not be their first choice as it gets very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter!

I’ve spotted this rabbit cushion which will surely look perfect atop the sofa…

kissing rabbits cushion | £7

It still smells a little damp and musty in there at the moment (am I tempting you to come and visit?) so a new Rose candle will freshen it up in no time.

wax lyrical candle | £5

Lime is a key colour for homewares this season and this floor lamp will be great for adding a splash of colour.  I want it to feel like a halfway point between the house and the garden so along with lots of plants and the fish tank I’m definitely envisaging lots of green to bring the outside in.

spindle floor lamp | £79

Are you doing any decorating at the moment? Where do you find home inspiration?

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