Instagram Polaroids | Printic Review

These days, there are no shortage of apps promising to produce prints from your iPhone/instagram photos and so when I was asked if I wanted to review Printic, a new app promising to do just that, my immediate thought was to question what made this app different.  Actually, what’s different is that it turns them into 3″ x 4″ glossy Polaroid style photos, and there’s even the option to add text if you want to annotate or label your photos.  The interface is neat and easy to use and you can also send your photos to a variety of recipients if you want to spread the love.

Printic is a French app and the prints are priced in Euros or Dollars. At €0.79, they work out at around 66p a print.  The prints are a similar quality and thickness to that which you would get printed at a high street photo developers.  Some years ago I used to work in the lab in a photography shop, and for me the magic of developing a film and holding actual prints in your hand will never die, and I will always treasure the photos I developed myself in the darkroom at college.  For that reason, this app makes me feel a little torn – I love that it enables people to experience the pleasure of producing prints, but it also makes me a little sad for the demise of Polaroids and how the magic of film photography has so quickly been replaced by photos taken on your phone and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.  Still, if you are an Instagram addict then this will definitely be right up your street.

I can’t deny that I was very excited when my Printic prints arrived, four days after I’d ordered them using the app.  I was given six free prints to test drive the app but I actually got 13 prints as I couldn’t cut it down to just six!  In total it cost me £4.92 for all 13, so without the free ones it would have been almost a fiver for seven of them, which I don’t think is bad if you’re just getting a few done as a memento or to stick in an album or scrapbook (you’re not going to want to get your whole Instagram feed printed, obvs).  They arrived in a little orange, stamped, paper envelope with the prints tucked inside.

I’ve bought some washi tape as I’m planning on sticking mine up in my craft room/study wall next to my computer.  It will be really nice to be able to gaze at snaps of my nearest and dearest as I’m surfing the interweb and doing bloggy things! Overall I’d definitely use Printic again; if you had a few special prints to get done (like some snaps to treasure an event or a trip) it’s such an easy way to get things quickly printed and I also think they’d make great gifts.  Have you used any of the photo printing apps?

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