Motel Penny dress

Another outfit from my holiday a couple of weeks ago.  I wore this Motel dress to the AX Paris event but I don’t think I’ve taken any proper outfit photos in it since I bought it.  It’s an absolute favourite of mine and I love how it can be dressed up or down.  I think the cut and shape is really flattering and it’s nice and light for summer wearing.  I think I’ve worn this necklace in almost every outfit post recently, sorry! I just love the little flash of neon, especially with an otherwise monochrome outfit.

dress:  £45 | necklace: ebay | shoes: everything5pounds

Looking at these photos actually makes me feel a little bit ouchie as I remember how sunburnt I was on this day! This was the day that Tom went windsurfing and he asked if I would take some photos of him from the beach.  It was such a windy day (as you’d imagine) that I was actually quite chilly sat there in my shorts and t-shirt, also I was obviously deeply concentrating on trying to get some good photos for him, as well as trying to get a snap of some of the tricks of this other awesome windsurfer that was there.

It was so windy that I actually thought I’d got windburn when I got back to the hotel but I quickly realised I’d  actually got really bad sunburn.  I could barely sleep that night and had to get up in the morning and have an ice cold bath.  Ouch!

Not much chance of any sunburn back on UK soil at the moment is there? I can’t believe how horrendous the weather is, in less than a month it will be officially summer and it better buck its ideas up then! There were a few people at work going to weddings over the next few weeks, I’m sure you used to be able to get married in May and June and be fairly guaranteed a sunny day!

Tonight I’m off out for a little gathering at a friend’s house for some ciders and nibbles.  It’s going to be a well-earned end to what feels like it’s been quite a long and tiring week.  I think there’s something about this grey, dreary weather that puts me in hibernation mode, I’ve had almost no energy this week and only managed one morning run.  This weekend is our last free weekend before France and I have a to-do list as long as my arm so I’ll be holed up in my office for most of it rattling through that.  Tom and I are going to go for dinner in the evening so I will have the thought of pizza to carry me through! How are you spending your bank holiday weekend?

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