Pattern of her knuckle

dress: pretty little thing £15 | hat: missguided [old]

shoes: everythingfivepounds £5 (obvs)

This dress combines a lot of things that I love; t-shirt dresses, skater shapes and aztec prints.  I didn’t even realise I was having a bit of an ‘aztec print’ moment until recently I laid out a few things I’d bought recently on my bed and they all mingled into one giant aztec-orama.  The shoes are the second pair I bought recently from everything5pounds – to be honest I tend to mostly buy leather shoes recently but I knew I wanted some strappy wedges for holiday/summer and the cost per wear would have been a bit high if I hadn’t gone ‘cheap’ as let’s face it, our summer usually lasts about two weeks in England (and I have about a million pairs of shoes).

Just a short post from me today as I am away in Rhodes on holiday.  I took these photos before I left and scheduled them along with the above paragraph – I was hoping to not have any cause to look at the internet but since we’ve been away we’ve only had a couple of really nice, sunny days and so I am writing this at the internet point in the hotel whilst a thunderstorm rages on outside (I thought I may as well add something since I’m logged on and this is set to go live today!)  Despite the absence of much sun it has been really nice to have some ‘chill’ time and get stuck into the books on my reading list and watch some films on my Kindle Fire.  Tom and I have spent the evenings in the bar playing card games and drinking cocktails which has been really nice.  On one of the sunny days we went to Rhodes town – the Old Town contained within medieval walls and has 200 winding streets and lanes with markets, shops and restaurants.  It is really pretty.  We are home on Wednesday so I hope tomorrow is nice but unfortunately there is rain forecast again.  I’m looking forward to getting home to my own bed (the beds in the hotel are rock solid!) and having a cuddle with Bodhi who is in the careful custody of my parents.

When I’m back I’m sure I’ll be sharing some photos (I haven’t taken many though!) and I’m looking forward to catching up on blogs and seeing what you’ve all been up to whilst I’ve been away 🙂

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