Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist

Been bookmarking but definitely not buying this week after treating myself to a Zatchels satchel and booking a holiday. Nonetheless, as soon as you have a holiday to look forward to it suddenly legitimises the buying of pretty dresses, bikinis and sandals doesn’t it? Maybe not too many however as we only have a 15kg luggage allowance so I will have to pack light (or sneak some things into Tom’s suitcase!)  This is what I’ve been eyeing up this week – a couple of picks from the ASOS sale and some other skater dresses just because! I love the nearly-neon loafers and there’s something a bit festival-y about the aztec boots; I think they’d look great with the right dress or skinny jeans.

1. Lace waist skater dress | AX Paris | £30

2. Loafers | Méliné | £52

3. Daisy print skater dress | | £17.50

4. Skater dress | | £25

5. Denim smock dress | Motel | £55

6. Shoes| Koah | £96

7. Pinafore Playsuit | Pretty Little Thing | £25 [30% off with APRIL30]

8. Skater dress | New Look | £12.99

What have you been eyeing up this week?

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