Bubblegum Unicorn Milkshake

When I was contacted recently to ask if I wanted to review something from Clothing at Tesco/F&F I wasn’t expecting to have to spend quite so long whittling down my shortlist (longlist!) to one item.  I think Tesco’s clothes range can sometimes be overlooked but they always have some really lovely things – I’m particularly loving all their ’50s-shape’ dresses they have in for S/S.

In the end though I had to give in to this pastel-striped dress with flared skirt, a snip at £25.  I love the colours (hence the rather silly post title), even if Tom did say he thought I looked like a packet of fruit pastilles.  I couldn’t resist pairing it with my Melissa Lady Dragon replica shoes, bought from a long ago VIPXO ebay post.  It reminds me of the sort of thing you’d wear to a party when you were little – remember having ‘party dresses’ – usually with big bows and other details that means they were strictly for parties only? The thing I love about this dress is that it could be dressed up or down, with tights and a jacket it could be a dinner dress, and with bare legs and statement heels it would be perfect for a summer wedding.

dress: f&f at tesco* £25 | hair bow in lilac: beauxoxo £5
court shoes: melissa lady dragon replicas | bag [4th photo] britstitch

I’m not sure if I’ve really shown my leg tattoos on here since I got them done in December, hasn’t really been the weather for bare legs has it?  I’m sure you will be seeing them much more when it does finally warm up.  The advantage of taking my outfit photos inside from now on is that I can imagine how I would wear all these pretty dresses if we had weather a little more befitting of swanning around in floaty skirts.  And then I can add tights, jumpers, jackets and boots, and keep waiting… To be fair, the sun has put his hat on a few times over the last couple of days, however although I’m British I’m not one to get my legs out as soon as the yellow thing in the sky makes an appearance so these milk bottles are staying under wraps for the time being.

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