Some days are throw aways

I bought this dress a few weeks ago when I went shopping to Castlepoint.  I was actually looking for some completely different items in H&M (that I’d seen in the catalogue) when I came across this little lacy number.  I love the colour, and the patterned detail, which is really unique and intricate.  The colour really reminds me of spring – it reminds me of buttercups and daffodils and makes me wish its setting was was something more befitting of its colour – a champagne picnic perhaps – rather than the constant drizzle that seems to be neverending here at the moment.  It has actually been hailing here today! Do you think our Spring was just that one sunny day we had on Monday? I feel like I’m constantly mentioning the weather on my blog (well I am British, what do you expect?) but that’s because I’m in this constant conflict of buying the pretty dresses that are in the shops for Spring/Summer and either being unable to wear them or having to swaddle them in cardigans, jackets and tights, which doesn’t make for a wildly exciting outfit post.  I realise that, reading back that sentence, that sounds like the most superficial, shallow issue a person could ever have, but there it is.  Pretty dress vs. incessant rain/chilly temperatures.

dress: h&m [from store] – £29.99 | cardigan: primark [old] fedora: £14.99 |  court shoes: carma at spartoo shoes

I for one am pretty flippin’ over the moon that it’s Friday today.  Not only do I have a night of white wine spritzers, DVDs and popcorn ahead with my buddy Kate, but for various reasons I’ve been kind of wishing this week away.  There is a Buck 65 lyric I really like – “Some days are throw aways and others you’re supposed to keep” – and I feel like there’s been quite a few ‘throw aways’ this week and I’m kind of glad it’s over.  I will probably be doing a lot of wishing away the next couple of weeks too to be honest as it’s now only 12 days until my little holiday to Rhodes! However I hope it doesn’t go too quickly as I need to do a lot of exercising and eating helfffy so I can feel at least vaguely happy donning a bikini (please ignore previous comment about white wine and popcorn).

I hope you’ve all got some lovely weekend plans to look forward to; Tom has been away in Budapest for a few days so I’m looking forward to him coming back tomorrow – apparently he has been swanning around in a vest over there as it’s so hot so I am feeling very envious right about now (there I go with the weather again….)  My only plans for tomorrow are a run, a swim and some chilling on the sofa with my Kindle, and I am mightily looking forward to it! I’m currently reading the second Hunger Games book (Catching Fire) after watching the film a couple of weeks ago – I never in a million years thought the book would be up my street but I’m actually really enjoying it!

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