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Cripes, what a busy few days I’ve had! This week included various social engagements and general busy-ness, including the Benefit event, date night and unpacking and getting sorted post Easter weekend away, and the weekend has not shown any signs of slowing down.  I thought I’d do a little catchup of the last few days to share with you what I’ve been up to.

// f r i d a y

On Friday afternoon I went for my first ‘salon’ hair appointment in a couple of years which was quite exciting.  Prior to now my lovely friend Donna cut my hair at her house and I coloured my hair out of a box and then toned it with purple shampoo, but my roots were always a major bugbear and though Tom used to kindly do them for me (yes really!) it was always a bit of a burden and my roots always looked so dark against the bright blonde even though I’m actually only a dark blonde naturally.  So I booked in for an appointment and had quite a long chat about what I wanted (for it still to be silver-y blonde), and after a lot of thinking we finally decided that highlights were the way to go.  They stripped out the toner and put loads of highlights in and they gave it a tidy-up chop and I’m really happy with the results.  I think I’ll carry on with highlights going forward as they’re easier to maintain, and Tom will be happy he gets to lay down his tint brush!  I took a couple of gratuitous Instagram shots to share my new ‘do’….

On Friday night we went for a lovely evening out at a pub/restaurant called Eau De Vie in Westbourne (Bournemouth).  If you want to see some photos of the kind of yummy food they serve then check out Hannah’s review of them here.  I did chuck my camera in my bag but as well as not snapping any photos of my outfit I also didn’t take any photos of the food.  We were out with some lovely friends (hey Kate and Steve!) and sometimes you just want to enjoy the evening and not feel the ‘blogger pressure’ to capture everything.  It’s good to feel ‘present’ and be able to switch off that urge to photograph and instagram all the time!  We ordered cocktails but mine was absolutely horrendous and I kept topping it up with water to make it drinkable, it was so strong! But the food was amazing, we all had burgers and they tasted, almost barbecued – so tasty and with loads of bacon and cheese as well as homemade onion rings and chunky chips.

// s a t u r d a y

On Saturday we got up bright and early to clean the house as my parents were coming round for the day and I always like to make it nice so they can see I’m not living in squalor and keeping my abode in good order!  They brought their little puppy Henry and we took him and Bodhi for a long walk in the forest near Brockenhurst.  We couldn’t have chosen a better day for it – bright sunshine, blue skies and the opportunity to wear a slightly lighter coat (small mercies!)  It was the first time Henry had been off the lead and he loved every second of running around with Bodhi and taking in the sights and sounds of the forest…

We walked for almost two hours until the need for food and liquid refreshment kicked in.  Luckily, one of my favourite pubs, The Hobler, was nearby and so we rolled in and stopped off for lunch.  I only took my 50mm lens out with me which is quite difficult to take food photos on, but if you’re interested, I shared a Baked Camembert with Tom and then had lasagne and chips.  And an ice cool pint of cider of course!

After all that yummy food we headed back to ours for tea and to put our feet up and watch the Grand National.  We all put bets on but none of us even managed to make our money back (same as every year for me).  Then my Mum kindly helped me sort out a load of clothes I wanted to get rid of – she ended up taking three huge Ikea bags’ worth off to go to the charity shop so that was my good deed for the day. I have mentioned before that I’ve given up on eBay for anything that’s not guaranteed to make £20+, it’s just not worth it and I don’t have the time!

// sunday

Today I really should start packing as I’m off to London next week.  I go Monday afternoon for a course on Tuesday and Wednesday and then I’m sticking around on Wednesday evening to go to an AX Paris event that’s being organised by etail – so excited to see lots of lovely bloggy lady faces! I really like being in London and I get to see my friend Charlotte who I don’t see as often as I’d like too, so I’m looking forward to a few days away.

I also plan to do some pottering in the garden – it has been well and truly taken over my weeds over the last few months and I have no idea even how to tell which is a weed and which is something we grew last year! Tom laughed at me when I excitedly exclaimed that it was going to be 6 degrees this afternoon – positively balmy compared to recent temperatures and perfect for pulling the wellies on, getting the garden fork out and getting muddy!

What have your weekends brought for you? Did you enjoy the sunshine yesterday (if you had some!)

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