Outfit photo photoshoots, and style inspiration

I find the blogging world hugely inspiring for millions of different reasons.  What excites me about reading blogs is that I know that just browsing through my Bloglovin feed can mean channelling creative inspiration in so many areas and could lead to a new recipe, a DIY project, a place to visit or an idea for a photograph, a blog post or an outfit.  I think we don’t often enough sit back and take stock of all of the amazing content we generate – and the fact that we do it not for money, but because of the passion we feel for sharing the things we love.  *Insert collective pat on the back here*.

These days, when I read blogs or browse through Lookbook I am constantly stunned by how far the concept of ‘outfit photos’ has evolved since the inception of fashion blogging.  I see bloggers pushing boundaries and creating outfit posts that resemble photoshoots; immaculately styled, crafted, shot and edited, and I am constantly astounded by the beauty and art that people create in the name of fashion and blogging.  Here are a handful of bloggers that constantly inspire me with their photography and immaculate style.  I am so in awe of these ladies… (of course there are a whole host of fashion bloggers who take their photos in their bedrooms/living rooms/hallways that inspire me too!)

kavita from shewearsfashion, shot by lily from red brick lipstick
amy from the little magpie
olivia from what olivia did
elizabeth from delightfully tacky
megan from the briar rose

It’s no surprise that brands are starting to catch on to the sheer amount of talent present in the blogosphere and it’s now not uncommon to see photos of bloggers wearing gifted items from a brand on the brand’s product page in place of the standard product shots.  On top of that, brands like Missguided and Miss Selfridge have even used bloggers in their campaigns.

I went through a period last year where I suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed by all of the beauty and creativity that exists in fashion blogging.  I realised eventually, of course, that in blogging (and in life!) you have to be yourself and carve out your own niche, and that you can’t compare yourself to others or try and emulate them.  It can be a tough lesson to learn.

Because I am 5 foot not-very-much and have an intense penchance for cake, I did not start packing my bags for a life of sashaying down catwalks when an email from Luxe Models popped into my inbox the other day.  Indeed they were not recommending I get started on my portfolio but instead wanted me to share the work they do with people who are considering modelling as a career (if this is you then read on).  What Luxe Models London do is guide people through the journey to becoming a model through advice and guidance as well as creating a portfolio for them and helping kickstart their career.  If you are considering a career in modelling they even have an advice page on where to start.  I’m aware that modelling can be a tough nut to crack as a career and so having experts coaching you and helping you with your portfolio sounds like a pretty awesome service.

How do you feel about outfit photos? Who are the fashion bloggers that inspire you?

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