Neon Coral

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d rather sneakily convinced Tom that we needed to go to Nando’s for date night (cheap date right here!) because our nearest Nando’s is co-located with Castlepoint Shopping Centre and after baggypinaforegate I wanted to actually go and try on some clothes rather than buying everything online and being disappointed when it only kinda fits (but then keeping it anyway because I am a lazybum and don’t want to go to the Post Office).  I haven’t been in Topshop in absolutely yonks because I always find things I like and ending bankrupting myself and same with H&M now I don’t work in Southampton.  So I was quite excited to go in both shops, even to the point where I actually ringed things in the H&M catalogue and then took the catalogue to the shop (srsly, who does that?)  Anyway, rather rubbishly I didn’t spot any of the items I’d earmarked for potential purchasing but I did spot this lovely coral-y pink number.  I am so in love with the colour, I think it brings a real ‘pop’ to the outfit.  I love the length and how it’s a little baggy, perfect for a dinner where you might want to conceal a food baby (yes that is what I look for in tops these days, food baby concealment potential).

The jeans are from Toppers too, another purchase that evening.  They are a really nice fit so I gave into them after trying them on too (maybe not such a cheap date, although at least all self-funded).

top: h&m [not on website] | necklace: ebay £7.64 | jeans: £40
wedges: h&m [old] | shirt in 2nd picture: new look [old]

My new top and jeans got their first outing on Tuesday when I spent the day with my lovely friend Lauren, walking the dog, drinking tea and going out for a yummy lunch.  We tried to go for afternoon tea but we went to The King’s Hotel in Christchurch and the man in the restaurant thought it was utterly ridiculous we would try and go for afternoon tea at 1330 (they don’t do it until 1500) and so after being laughed out of the door we sacked them off and went to an old favourite, Cheese and Alfie’s.

I never go to Cheese and Alfie’s without getting their Deluxe Hot Chocolate, it is divine.  And this time it had Mini Eggs in the bottom for Easter!

I had their fishfinger sandwich and Lauren had Canadian Pancakes cooked with strawberries, yum!


Looking back at my last few posts I think I can probably guess where that extra 3lbs I’ve put on this week has come from (whole beer battered halloumi anyone?)  Mind you, today hasn’t been much better – might need a little reminder that an entire Easter Egg is not a healthy and nutritious lunch and that I don’t need to eat absolutely everything that’s egg shaped around this time of year…

PS – Do you like my new blog layout? I fancied a change and the extremely talented Abby at Baggle Web and Design did it for me.  Her designs are amazing and very good value, I highly recommend!

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