Cake flavoured tea

Did the blog title prick your ears up? Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, for this blog post contains Victoria Sponge flavoured tea, mint chocolate Rooibos and Chocolate Orange tea, even Christmas Cake tea! Put the kettle on and enter the world of the Bluebird Tea Company

Bluebird Tea Company were brought to my attention by Mike, who co-owns Bluebird Tea Co with his partner Krisi. He sent me some lovely, chatty emails which really brightened my day – I’ve mentioned before that I love supporting independent businesses and new ventures and I love the idea of a company who have ‘fun’ at the heart of their business model.  Mike and Krisi aim to ‘make the world a happier place’ and their company name is inspired by the skiing term “A Bluebird Day” – a day with cloudless blue skies and fresh snow, where nothing can be improved and everything seems possible.  When I spoke to Mike they were just embarking on a little trip around the country giving out tea to try and make people smile on International Happiness Day.  This was part of their ‘Cupful of Happiness’ Campaign where they commit to events and endeavours to spread happiness (and tea!)

Their tea range is a mix of both amazing flavours, and teas designed to be particularly
good for specific things, for example Honey Bee Beautiful will help make your
skin perfect and Skinny Minny does just what it says on the (tea) tin.  The rest of their range blends flavours of cake, sweets, fruit and herbal infusions and other amazing sounding flavours like MojiTea and Elderflower Champagne.  Their website even contains recipes for Tea Cocktails, Iced Teas and even Tea Biscuits (I think they might be a bit tea crazy!)

They kindly sent me Terry’s Tea (yes, like Chocolate Orange!), Mint Choc Rooibos, Christmas Cake and Vicky’s Sponge Cake, as well as some samples of Ankara Apple, Elderflower Champagne and Retro Ted.  I’ve been slowly working my way through them all and they really are phenomenal.  Retro Ted was my favourite of the samples – a really tropical taste with pineapple, orange, lemongrass and coconut, utterly delicious.  Vicky’s Sponge Cake is Ceylon black tea, strawberry granules, freeze dried raspberries and raspberry leaves – yum or what?  I am so excited to try the other flavours too, I just know they’re going to be amazing.

I decided to celebrate the bright, sunny morning this morning with a pot of tea in the garden.  Tom has a tea strainer and I have a Tea Sub – a little submarine you can fill with loose leaf tea and dunk in your mug – so I experimented with some different methods and savoured the steaming mug of tea and the enjoyment of being outside.

Teapot in the garden
Bluebird Tea Company
Bluebird Tea range
Bluebird tea and teapot
Steamy tea

I highly recommend you check out Bluebird Tea Co, amazing teas and wonderful, nice people, which counts for a lot in my book!  I certainly will be replenishing my tea cupboard with treats from their site once I’ve worked my way through my current collection!

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