Babyliss Boutique Straighteners Review

Readers who haven’t thus far managed to avoid my Twitter rants may be familiar with ‘ghd-gate’ from a couple of months ago when my GHDs packed up mid-‘straighten’ before I was about to go and deliver a training course.  This made me cross not only because it meant standing in front of people with a bird’s nest on my head but also because it was the third pair of GHDs I’d bought in just over ten years.  In my opinion, in the modern age, electrical appliances, not least those that cost in excess of £100, should be made to last.  And I don’t mean made to last just beyond their warranty period.  GHD, however, disagreed, and despite multiple tweets and emails to their Customer Services, all they offered me was discount off a further pair (bringing them down to the price they’re sold at pretty much everywhere but the GHD website).  I thought GHD had the market monopoly on straighteners but a quick poll on Twitter found lots of other people out there who’d found really great quality straighteners outside of the GHD brand, with lots of people also getting fed up of having to repeatedly replace their GHDs.

So when the lovely people at contacted me to let me know about the range of Babyliss products they were currently stocking I jumped at the opportunity to review one.  And of course, of the range of applicances, including curling wands, hairdryers and ‘soft waves’ stylers I had to try their straighteners, eager to see how another brand would match up against ‘the one we don’t we do not mention’.

babyliss boutique straighteners* £100

At first look I was super-impressed with the design and features of the straighteners.  My favourite feature is that there are 12 variable heat settings, so if you don’t want to crank it up to 235 degrees you can toggle the setting and vary the temperature using the digital display.  It also shows you on the display as it heats up, though it gets to full temperature in 15 settings so you don’t have to wait long.  The design is really sleek with slim, long plates and a really long cord which is another useful feature if, like me, your plug socket is not as close to your mirror as you’d like.  It also comes with an auto shut-off feature so you don’t have to rush back home if you suddenly panic that you’ve left them on (Mum, I’m looking at you right about now).

But do they work? The short answer is yes.  As you can see from the reviews on the Very website these easily match up to GHDs, and more.  They effortlessly straightened my fairly thick hair and made it feel smooth as well as straight.  They didn’t pull my hair out or make it frizzy and flyaway like GHDs used to, and the extra features make them well-worth the price tag.  A big thumbs up from me.

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