Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist

Quite a short weekly wishlist for you today – as is always the way I had a little bit of money left over when I was paid this month and thought I’d treat myself to something but there isn’t masses around at the moment I like.  All I’ve spent money on in the last week are a few blouses and dresses from eBay that are coming from China (I like the excitement of a £5 blouse but not the waiting a month for it!)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m currently in Weymouth so typing this on my little netbook sat by the fire in Tom’s parents’ house.  I had quite a stressful and busy week last week so it’s been nice to pack up and escape for a few days although of course not in ideal circumstances (attending a funeral tomorrow).  Even though I’m a home bird at heart I need time away from home every now and again to allow myself time to switch my brain off and escape emails, routine and the long list of chores I’m constantly worrying about keeping on top of.  Today we’ve had an amazing roast dinner with lots of wine and tarte tatin and yesterday we went out for a yummy lunch in a pub by the sea and had an evening of DVDs and trashy magazines.  Perfect.

If I bought one thing from this list this week it would probably be the Nike Blazers.  Even though I’m usually more of a girly or smart shoes kinda girl I’ve been eyeing up lots of colourful trainers lately and enjoying being a bit more casual at the weekends and feel there is room in my life for some high-top trainers.  I was walking the dog in running shoes last week and I’d forgotten how comfortable sports shoes can be – not like my House of Harlow pumps I mentioned in a previous post that leave my feet covered in blisters!  Also on a Nike front I am loving all the leggings they have out at the moment, can’t decide whether I’d wear the ones in my wishlist for running or just with a slouchy tee and boots for a sports luxe look.

What are you coveting this week?

1. Bag, Kate Kanzier, £55

2. Denim pinafore dress, Daisy Street, £22.99

3. Nike blazer trainers, Spartoo, £88 [Direct link] 4. Nike leggings, ASOS, £35
5. Lighthouse blouse, Sugarhill Boutique, £35
6. Short blazer, eBay, £10

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