Topsail Tennis

Now it’s much lighter in the mornings it means that I don’t have to cram outfit posts into a few hours at the weekend – which never quite works anyway as the weekend is usually the time I’m most likely found in the three Js – jeans, jumpers or jogging bottoms (or ‘jamas!) Some of my most, what I would describe as ‘blogworthy’ outfits are those which I wear to work, so it’s nice to be able to have a bit of morning light and a boyfriend with a spare few minutes to take some snaps so I can share them.

This is my Monday outfit.  I was actually feeling pretty chuffed that it was Monday as you can tell from all the grinning.  I’m working on a project I’m really enjoying at work at the moment, plus my lovely friend Kate works Monday – Wednesday so I always have something to look forward to on a Monday morning.  I bought this Vero Moda tennis dress in the ASOS sale last year – it was one of those times when you buy something quite summer-y in the most summer sale and then feel sad that you can’t wear it for another year.  Then I wondered a few months ago what it would look like with a shirt or long-sleeved top underneath and voila, I think it looks okay, yes? I feel a bit like a nautical tennis player (hence the blog post title…) I apologise now that I can’t fund your shopping addictions as a lot of the bits I’m wearing are old, however I have noticed that the suede wedge boots I’m wearing are only £22 on Spartoo which is a bit of a Billy Bargain if I say so myself.

// necklace: ebay | £1.59 // shirt dress: vero moda [old] // breton top: h&m [old] bag: m&s [old] // shoes: ankle boots by stylist click | £22.74

I’m carrying on in my efforts to be a propah fashion bloggah and neatly align all my photos and take a few more ‘detail’ photos of my outfits so that’s why this post looks a little different than normal.  I do really enjoy doing outfit posts so these will continue, probably a couple of times a week, for the foreseeable future.  I hope you like them too, people of the interweb!

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