The importance of being leather

It took me a long time to realise that cheap shoes and cheap handbags are a false economy.  I remember a few years ago wearing some tan Primark loafers to a friend’s house, and on the way home the heavens opened and my shoes literally fell apart at the seams.  What are you supposed to do when that happens?  Still, I would buy their plain black pumps for £3 and replace them every few months as the sole parted from the shoe, the rain washed the colour away or the insole resembled something that should come with a Government Health Warning.  Not besides the cost of constantly replacing poor quality shoes, disposable fashion is bad for the environment and bad for the workers involved in producing it.  Now, I know that some people don’t feel that leather is ethical, or don’t feel it’s right for them if they, say, don’t eat meat, but these days I only buy leather shoes and handbags.  Whilst I do enjoy the thrill of going into a cheaper shop, like Primark, and coming out with ten items for £30, I have learned through experience that that thrill does not last long, and that the enjoyment of a quality, well-made item outlasts that initial buzz of a big haul.

I’ve always thought there was a bit of a… gap in the market almost, for handbags that feel expensive and are awesome quality but that aren’t ‘designer’.  Designer handbags are all well and good but I can’t really justify spending £500 – £1000 on a bag, so I found myself wondering recently, where are all the £50-£100 handbags?  The ones that won’t fall apart after a few months but that won’t break the bank.  After a bit of nosing around, I’ve made a list of my picks of ‘mid-range’ bags…

J by Jasper Conran | £79.20

I love a good ‘structured’ bag and this one ticks a lot of boxes for me – classic and sturdy (plus I’m a sucker for a tan bag!)

betty jackson black | £79.20

Soft leather, monochrome, and it has a TASSLE.  Need I say more?

betty jackson black | £69.30

My definite favourite of the three, definitely bookmarking this for a future purchase.  I love how unique it is  and it definitely satisfies my habit for bags so big you can fit the kitchen sink in.

What are your handbag buying habits?

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