Talking scents

…Oh how I love a good pun, don’t you? Anyway, I have seen a few people writing about their favourite perfumes lately and I thought I’d add mine into the mix.  It makes me smile to look back on how my tastes in perfume have developed over the years – CK Be was a firm favourite for me in my teens and a whiff of it now transports me back to those times; getting ready to go out with a group of friends to meet boys at the beach, or spritzing it on before school if there was a boy I was particularly chasing… I then moved onto Hugo Boss Deep Red and remember feeling very grown up when I saved up enough pocket money to buy a bottle in Superdrug.  Next was Davidoff Cool Water, and then, my first… what felt like ‘grown up’ perfume was Chanel Chance.  During my Uni years I loved Dior Hypnotic Poison and I always look out for offers on it as it still remains a firm favourite.

My most shortlived perfume was a bottle of Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey which I knocked off a bathroom shelf and smashed the day after my Dad bought it for me in an airport.  I can’t bring myself to buy another I still feel so terrible (my bathroom did smell rather nice for some time afterwards however).

Here are my current favourites…

I’ve always liked quite masculine, musky scents, so much so that one of my favourites – Jack Wills Cavalry Twill [£39.50 | 100ml] – is actually a men’s eau de toilette.  Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue [£38.95 | 50ml] has been a favourite for a while, I love its fruity, fresh scent.  I was quite surprised when I received a sample of Amy Childs’ Eau De Toilette [15.99 | 50ml] and absolutely loved it.  It’s one of Tom’s favourites too and probably the one he always recognises as smelling ‘like me’.  Ghost Deep Night [£26.95, 50ml] is another one I’ve had for a long time, another what I would call ‘evening perfume’ that I reserve for nights out.

I must admit that I am quite a thrifty perfume buyer and also probably a bit mean to high street shops as my method of purchasing perfume is to try lots in the shops and then buy them online, usually on Fragrance Direct (probably one of my most ordered from websites as I quite often buy skincare and makeup bits from them too).  I usually find that it’s cheaper online than even in duty free so I rarely buy perfumes in airports either.

What’s your signature scent? What have been your favourites over the years?

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