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I’ve posted several times about my frustrations in shopping for bras for bigger busted ladies so I won’t labour the point any more, except to say that I love finding new companies that sell feminine, affordable underwear for us D+ers.  When I was about 16 or 17 I remember that the only places I could buy bras was Marks and Spencers, and even then they felt very expensive for my ‘part-time job at a supermarket’ wage.  I was really excited when I first heard about Boux Avenue and have made frequent visits to their website (and had a nose in their Bath store) ever since.

Here are a few of my current favourites, I think I might treat myself on payday as a girl can never have too much pretty underwear! Number two is my favourite, swoon!

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I was recently sent an interview with Design Director at Boux Avenue, Debby Duckett, and I thought I’d post it here as I found it an interesting read (this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just a fan of the brand so I thought it was worth a share).

Hello! Firstly, tell
us about your background at Boux Avenue.

have been here since day one. Theo, Enda (operations director) and I created
the idea of Boux Avenue whilst travelling to and from Paris and New York. Boux
Avenue was born out of our love of
lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and all things

How would you describe
your latest collection in three words?

flirty and fresh!

What are the lingerie
trends for the year ahead?

Floral prints are key for SS13,
along with aqua and blues. Jewel tones will be huge for the autumn and winter
months of 2013.

The designs for Boux
Avenue are very vibrant and colourful. Does this reflect your home?

think each of our bras has a personality, be it fun, flirty, sexy or sultry. I
like to think each of the rooms in my house has a different personality and I
love my bedroom, in particular a gorgeous mirrored dressing table I found in a
little junk shop in the Cotswolds.

Who is your style inspiration?

design for our customers, they are our inspiration. Every season we have pieces
that are reminiscent of vintage eras with soft colour pallets, pretty prints
and classic shapes. We take inspiration from romantic colours, sensual fabrics
and luxury trims.

What are some common misconceptions about lingerie?

That you only need one good bra! Why have one when you can have a
wardrobe full of high-quality, brilliantly fitting bras in all colours of the
rainbow? Its good to have everyday bras, but Boux Avenue also offers gorgeous
boudoir-ready pieces which still maintain the perfect fit but add a little sexy
something to a lingerie collection.

Who would you love to style?

When I walk down the street and see a woman slouched over due to a
poorly fitting bra, I feel I want to help – to offer advice on the benefits of
a bra that fits really well! I would love to style the 80 per cent of women out
there that are wearing the wrong bra size and are suffering as a consequence. A
well fitted lingerie set works wonders, not just for your posture but for your
confidence too!

What advice would you
give to an inspiring lingerie designer?

Gaining experience in different sectors of the lingerie or fashion
industry is key; you never know what sort of information you are going to pick
up- the smallest thing could prove itself to be of relevance in years to come.
I got where I am today with continuous hard work and an absolute passion for
what I do.

[Interview credit: Time4Sleep]

Have you ever bought anything from Boux Avenue?

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