Photowall wall murals

It was definitely a dose of serendipity when Best British Bloggers contacted me about their campaign with Photowall.  At the time, Tom and I were struggling with what to do with our ‘big, blank wall’ in the living room and had gathered enough wallpaper samples to probably wallpaper the entire room (albeit in tiny little squares).  We’d put a lot of effort into trying to make the lounge feel homely, but no matter what we did, it always seemed a little ‘unfinished’.  On the left when you walk into the room, another sofa sits in a little alcove under the stairs and we have framed pictures hanging on the wall, but on the right… is a big blank wall.  It definitely needed a bit of something.  A bit of love.

Tom and I couldn’t quite agree on wallpaper, or even on a theme for the room.  We both knew we wanted it to be colourful, but I wanted to make it all ‘mid century retro’ and he wasn’t sure (hence the huge pile of wallpaper samples).  So it was a bit of an answer to a prayer when Best British Bloggers got in touch about Photowall. Photowall offer printed wall murals and have some utterly stunning designs.  They have an amazing range of Scandinavian themed and nature inspired murals and I was excited at the prospect of bringing some Spring colour into our room to combat the dreary weather outside.  We finally settled on this rather bold design by Maxalot Gallery, took our measurements and waited eagerly.  Within only a few days (which is amazing considering it is all custom cut to your measurements), our mural arrived, and Tom and I mixed up some wallpaper paste and got hanging.  The amazing thing is, because they custom cut all the ‘drops’ to fit your wall, you don’t need to do any cutting, you just cover the wall in paste and stick.  I’ve made that sound quite simple, when in reality it took about five hours, but the result is simply… breathtaking (I hope you agree!)

Before I continue, I have to credit Tom for his excellent ‘lining up’ skills which make the pattern totally faultless (I could only be trusted with being ‘Chief Paster’).  With the furniture back in the room it looks simply stunning and I think it really complements our existing colour scheme.

I honestly could not be more thrilled with how it’s turned out.  I would even venture to say that these photos don’t even do it justice.  It’s such a unique, bold, statement and quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  I am hugely grateful to Photowall for creating this for me and allowing me to totally transform my living room.

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