One last time in the old neighbourhood

I don’t want to start this post by being a negative Nancy but I feel like this outfit definitely looked better in the flesh. Or maybe it’s my hair as I definitely need my roots doing and probably a good chop.  And brush.  Okay let’s move on before I decline to post this at all!  I had to take the photos inside today as the weather is just too horrific outside but I quite like how they’ve come out actually, the light is nice in our bedroom and I know I’m lucky to have a fashion blogger’s dream – a big white wall you can use for outfit photos! 

Tom came back late on Friday night from two weeks away on training courses so we planned a nice relaxing day together yesterday.  We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and lots of fruit (as part of my #deskfest challenge which I’ll be telling you all about tomorrow) and then went on to the spa for a swim and a good long lounge in the hydrotherapy pool.  When we got back from the spa we got changed and headed out for a late lunch and this was my outfit.  (Shortly afterwards I consumed baked brie, a wild boar and chorizo burger and an ice cream flavour cupcake and then needed a two hour nap).

Whilst wearing suits for interviewing and delivering training last week I got a bit attached to the idea of a crisp, white shirt – I think that paired with a statement necklace it looks so chic.  I gave in and bought this bouclé biker jacket from boohoo boutique a couple of weeks ago and I thought it might look good paired with a shirt and jeans for its first wear.  I am in love with and so glad I bit the bullet and bought it, even if Tom did say I looked like Michael Jackson.

bouclé jacket: £40 | shirt: ebay [old] jeans: cheap monday [old] | shoe boots: boohoo [old] necklace: ebay £7.64

I know that a lot of people like a neat layout where all the photos are the same orientation so I thought I’d try the same today but I’m not sure how much you need giant photos of my face or me looking slightly moody.  This is what happens when I try and be down with the cool kids eh? Oh well! Hope you’re all having lovely weekends so far where you are.

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