In our house, Wednesday is date night.  We take it in turns to choose something to do, which, due to Tom and mine’s shared love of food, usually means eating out.  Last Wednesday it was Tom’s turn to choose but I decided to drop a couple of mentions of Nando’s into various conversations until Tom suddenly decided he had an insatiable desire for piri piri chicken.  I had a slight ulterior motive too as our nearest Nando’s is at Castlepoint in Bournemouth and I fancied a mooch around the shops.  It’s very rare I ever actually ‘go shopping’ as I do all of my shopping online, but my experience with the baggy, weirdly shaped pinafore spurred me on to decide I could do with some new clothes that I had actually ensured fit me before I purchased them.

I decided to wear my new ‘Lovebirds’ blouse, kindly sent to me by Sugarhill Boutique.  I wasn’t sure about the colour when it arrived as I was worried it wouldn’t go with my hair and skintone but luckily I think it looks quite nice (if I do say so myself!). With the addition of the jacket in the second set of photos I decided I looked a bit like a milkshake… there’s just something about pastel colours that makes me dream of ice cream and cool drinks (is that weird?)  Of course my new Brit-Stitch satchel had to come for another outing too.  (Also, it was early evening by this point so apologies that the photos are a bit darker and have those weird shadows, can’t always achieve that lovely early morning light!)

blouse: sugarhill boutique* £38 | necklace: ebay £1.98
jeans: american apparel easy jeans £64 | bag: brit-stitch* £70
shoes: zara [old]

On my little jaunt around the shops I picked up some jeans, a lipstick and a jumper from Topshop.  The first two I bought immediately, and then I had the jumper on my mind so decided to go back and get it.  I also bought a couple of bits from H&M and then we hotfooted it to Nando’s (in the snow!) where I filled myself with a huge bowl of peri-salt chips and Perinaise sauce and halloumi (I am a bit of a weirdo in that I always order loads of sides at Nando’s rather than any actual chicken).  Very, very full, we then headed home to loll around and reflect on how much we’d eaten.  Perfect date night!

A baby lovebird just popped up in my Google + feed so I thought I’d leave you with this picture since it’s topical to the post.  Hello Mr Lovebird!

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