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With my workwear wardrobe my aim is always to be smart but yet also let in a little bit of personality.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing the same, plain items week on week without adding a little dose of colour or a jazzy little detail to an outfit.  I definitely own items I would only wear to work and likewise items that are simply too casual but I also have a lot of things that can be dressed up or dressed down and my efforts to condense my wardrobe have meant buying things that are more multifunctional and can be mixed and matched.  I recently went on a little bit of a hunt for two items that I thought would add a bit of an edge to my current repertoire; some statement, bib necklaces and a couple more blouses and dresses.  You all probably know by know that I’m a sucker for a peter pan collar so that was a detail high on my wishlist.  After doing some hunting I found everything I was looking for on eBay and I thought I’d share with you what I recently purchased (with the exception of the last one which is a bit of a ‘want’ item – I didn’t want to go too mad….)

1. Peter Pan collar dress | £10.29

2. Necklace | £1.98

3. Necklace | £7.64

4. Tiger blouse | £6.44

5. Sequin collar blouse | £3.99

6. Necklace | £1.59

7. Peter pan collar dress | £14.99

My whole spree only came to just over £30 so I should definitely feel justified in considering snapping up the last item… right?  I love a good eBay bargain – have you bought anything recently?  Link me up if you’ve found any great sellers!

On a quick final note, I’ve been interviewing this week which has meant lots of suits and plain black court shoes so it cheered me up discovering Edith and Ella on Spartoo; they’re a Danish footwear brand but their shoes are so colourful and unique, definitely going to snap up a pair for the summer (since I walked the dog this morning when it was -5 C I’m thinking peep toe is not an option for the moment…) Love this pair, a bit pricey but so retro!

wedge shoes | spartoo | £135

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* Post contains links to Spartoo. I do regular work with Spartoo for which I receive credits to their site.