Double Dutch Disco

A good few months ago I won a 30% off at ASOS code on Yourvine and decided I would spend it on something I’d wanted for a while but hadn’t bought as I’d deemed it too expensive.  Of course I plumped for the cult American Apparel disco pants, though £50 still felt a tad pricey! I went for the same size as my Easy Jeans are, which fit comfortably but when the disco pants came, whoah they are tight! I can only actually do them up if I lie on my back and zip them up (thanks Lauren H for that tip!) and they’re totally unsuitable for going out for dinner as I can barely breathe let alone fit any food in.  So when I was recently offered an item from She Likes I instantly knew I wanted a pair of their ‘Hazzel’ Disco Pants (and a pair I could breathe in!).  This time I sized up so I could tuck jumpers and vests in, though I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet – I took the first few photos in my snazzy little H&M cropped top and then felt a bit self-conscious and ran inside and added a t-shirt; I do love the comfort of a baggy tee! Oh and they’re not supposed to be ankle grazers but I always turn up my trousers cos’ I’m a shortybum.

disco pants: shelikes* [direct link] £22 | top: h&m [old] boots: ebay £16.99 | glasses: aldo [old]

t-shirt: china doll boutique, £10

Although my American Apparel ones are much thicker and do the magic ‘suck you in’ trick I can definitely see myself wearing these, they’re really good value for £22 and I love the fact that they can be dressed up or down.  I am also seriously in love with my new China Doll Boutique top too, I love the turn up sleeves and like the disco pants I think it can be casual as well as dressy.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Mother’s Day today, big love to all the Mums out there, I hope you were all spoilt and enjoyed a bit of relaxation!  Made me laugh seeing the amount of people who went home and had their Mum’s cook for them and admittedly I count myself in that – lucky Mums satisfying our love of home cooked meals on their special day eh?  I spent mine at my parents’ house eating, drinking and watching Bodhi jump all over their little puppy Henry.  I have some photos I will put up this week but sadly tonight is going to be spent ironing and tidying the mess that is my house.  No rest for the wicked!

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