Deskfest Challenge | Five breakfasts

For many, many reasons, the Alpro #deskfest challenge was something I immediately connected with, and I was following and contributing to it before I was actually asked to get involved.  The basic premise is that you share your breakfasts via the hashtag #deskfest on instagram and twitter, and hopefully pick up some of your own inspiration for some yummy Alpro themed, healthy breakfasts.

I am a massive fan of breakfast.  A few months ago I stopped having rushed breakfasts at my desk at work and made a promise to myself to get up 15 minutes earlier and prepare a healthy, filling breakfast to enjoy at home. Prior to this I’d often find myself picking at things throughout the morning because of having either no breakfast or a half-hearted one (sorry Belvita but I cannot survive several hours on a biscuit) and so this resolution made a huge difference to my mornings.  At that time we’d recently moved our kitchen table from the conservatory into the lounge and I’ve now come to cherish those moments in the morning – flicking through magazines, watching the news or just enjoying the silence and having a moment to relax and reflect before the day begins.

To add to this, I own a beautiful book called ‘A Year of Mornings‘ that I routinely flick through for creative inspiration.  It is the product of a project between two ladies who live 3191 miles apart in America and contributed to a joint blog for a year where they documented images from before 10am.  It’s a really lovely book and at the time I so wanted to start my own project of morning photographs, though I never really found the time.  So the #deskfest campaign ticks several boxes for me; my love of breakfast and of the moments that surround it, and my passion for capturing those moments (I know what you’re thinking, how has she managed to write three paragraphs about taking photos of her breakfast…)

So it was a resounding yes from me when Alpro asked me to get involved with #deskfest.  I was also already a big fan of their products but they kindly sent me a selection from their range in a cute little coolbox.  Here are some of my #deskfest creations…

Bacon roll and smoothie
// bacon roll, and smoothie made with frozen banana and strawberry,
alpro almond milk and alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt
Pancake, yoghurt and blueberries
// pancakes with blueberries and alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt, mug of green tea
Bacon roll for Alpro Deskfest
// bacon roll, mug of green tea and alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt
with porridge oats, flaxseed, strawberries and blueberries
Bacon roll and yoghurt
// as above
Pancakes and berries
// pancakes with salted caramel spread, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries,
alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt and a mug of green tea

Breakfast Rosti
// breakfast rosti, recipe from smitten kitchen, and banana and strawberry smoothie
with alpro pouring yoghurt (plain) and alpro almond milk
Smitten Kitchen Breakfast Rosti
// as above

All of my #deskfests are super easy to make, and whilst they vary in healthiness they all contain a good dose of fruit, some plant powered soya and most importantly, will keep you full until lunchtime! Smoothies are a great way to start the day and something you can easily transport to work – I buy packets of frozen fruit from Sainsbury’s (they even do a ‘smoothie mix’), bung them in the blender with some yoghurt or milk (Almond or Hazelnut Soya Milk is a dream in smoothies) and you’re good to go.

Alpro are giving away a weekend for 2 in New York for the best #deskfest entry, as well as 1000 Alpro KeepCups so get hashtagging your brekkies for a chance to win.  There’s more information, and a feed of #deskfests on their site.

Now, who wants to come to mine for breakfast this week?

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