Adventurers need tea

In our house, Saturdays are for days out and doing things and Sundays are for relaxing.  I love spending a day out exploring – blasting the cobwebs away and taking photos and then either filling up on pub food next to a roaring fire or coming home and whipping up a feast – adventurers’ bellies need sustenance!

Saturday brought sunshine and mild temperatures so we headed out into the forest with Bodhi for a walk.  We try and mix up our walks – being a water baby, Tom prefers to walk along the beach but I love the forest.  I love that you can walk deep into the forest and get that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, with no-one else around and experience utter silence and tranquillity.  On Saturday we walked at Wilverley Plain near Brockenhurst and walked for miles across open heathland – pine cones crunching underfoot, Bodhi leaping excitedly around, bracken brushing against our trousers and horses casting inquisitive looks as we wandered through their territory with our four-legged friend.

As you can see from the second photo, despite the initial sunshine the skies eventually turned grey and began to threaten rain and so we wandered back to the van seeking shelter and tea.

As we were near Brockenhurst we decided to visit a little tea rooms that’s been high on my ‘to visit’ list since we moved here.  Rosie Lea’s Tea House boasts a wealth of breakfasts, teas, cakes and afternoon teas and comes very highly recommended.  Our mouths were practically watering as we perused the menus, eventually settling on afternoon tea for two which came with sandwiches, cake, a pot of tea each and scones with jam and cream.

The food was excellent but the service was terrible – the waiter couldn’t really describe what it came with and asked us to choose sandwiches and cake but then sent different ones.  We had to ask for the table to be cleaned and cleared and… sacrilege of all sacrileges, they had run out of plain scones and only had fruit ones! (I hate sultanas, they do not belong in scones!) Whinges aside it was really yummy and exactly what we needed after stomping around in the fresh air for a couple of hours.  Not long after we arrived at the café it starting pouring down so we had the perfect excuse to return home for more tea, DVDs and an early night (not to mention finishing off the cake we couldn’t finish at the café and took home in a box!)

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