Weekly bookmarked wishlist

1. Lovebirds blouse | sugarhill boutique | £38
2. Cloud Nine Original Iron | Amazon | £106
3. Spot skater dress | Boohoo | £20
4. Chiffon shirt | Goddiva | £24
5. Print leggings | Uniqlo | £14.90
6. Flat shoes | Schutz at Spartoo | £70 [direct link]

Definitely feeling some Spring colours at the moment, even if it did snow yesterday! Pastel shades in particular do rather set my heart a flutter.  The straighteners are going straight to the top of my wishlist this week as my GHDs decided to quite literally fizzle out on Wednesday so I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair.  I’ve decided that it’s not really ideal to be buying what will be my fourth pair in ten years for £120 (sorry GHD but I think that’s frankly a bit crap) so I’m looking elsewhere for a product that might actually last beyond just over the warranty period and I’ve heard great things about Cloud Nine irons.

Very much enjoying this coral chiffon shirt from Goddiva (also wishing I suited maxi dresses as this jungle print one would be perfect for my holiday in June).  Would have been the perfect blouse for our Valentine’s Dinner if I’d spotted it sooner!

Majorly eyeing up the Uniqlo S/S range at the moment and am particularly intrigued by their range of ‘easy leggings‘, which they describe as a fusion of leggings and trousers.  They have them in a wide range of colours and prints – this dogtooth pair would be perfect for work.

Whilst I really ought not to entertain the idea of open-toed shoes when we’ve seen sub-zero temperatures this week these Shutz flats are just gorgeous, I love how buttery-soft the leather looks, perfect with skinny jeans when the weather gets warmer.

What are you coveting this week?

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