Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist 06

I’ve laid out my list of bookmarked lustfulness slightly differently this week, I like all the collages people make but sometimes it’s nice to see a clearer image of a product and be able to have a little chat about why I like it.  I should credit Sarah from A Million Dresses here as her Wednesday Wants are for me the ultimate in wishlist posts and I get excited every time I see one pop up on my dashboard. 

First on my list today is this swishy skater dress from ASOS.  I was looking through my wardrobe the other day (I will be specific, my dresses wardrobe) and I noticed that I have a lot of open backed, printed or floaty dresses but not that many basics I can wear to work or wear on those dress when you just want to throw on something simple.  This would be perfect for that and it’s a snip at £20 (teeny waist of model not included in price).

 | asos | £20

I am a huge lover of manatees.  I am a huge lover of necklaces.  Ergo, my perfect match.  I once went on a manatee boat tour in Florida and didn’t see a single manatee so welcoming daily sightings into my life with this beautiful brass pendant would please me greatly.

happy manatee necklace | ji ji kiki | £10

Okay, this is a little more than I would usually spend on a dress, but isn’t it beautiful? Imagine rocking up to a summer barbecue wearing this little treat (plus, if you got tomato ketchup down the front you’d barely notice).  It reminds me of Spring, of watercolour paintings and is the perfect dress to wear whilst running through fields of daffodils, which I’ll have you know I happen to do on a fairly regular basis.

supernova jersey dress
 supernova dress | marc by marc jacobs at cruise fashion |  £145

Okay, so another little dose of wanderlust when it comes to the affordability of these shoes (albeit they’re reduced to under half price!) but I’ve had my eye on them for so long now that if I had a £1 for every time I go and look at them on the website I’d be able to afford them by now.  What more could you want in a shoe than beaded moccassins with gold skulls?

flat shoes | house of harlow at spartoo | £104 [direct link]

What’s catching your eye this week? Are you, like me, dreaming of Spring? (Quick tip, admire the sunshine today from indoors.  It’s a facade, it’s flippin’ freezing out).

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