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// daymer bay, cornwall, 2007

I started writing my next 25 facts about me and then I felt inclined to just… write.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a cold person.  Sometimes I wonder if I got a chill in my bones whilst playing outside as a child and never managed to shake it off.  I remember being of Primary School age and having a little electric heater in my bedroom for those winter mornings when the air is so cold you can barely bear to get out of bed.  I was mesmerised by the coiled metal inside the heater that used to glow orange and the smell of hot skin if I huddled too close to it.  I would lay out my school uniform on the carpet in front of it, just close enough that it would warm them through without setting them on fire, and leaving them there whilst I washed my face, eager to pull on my toasty warm jumper, feeling the electric static crackle as I dragged it over freshly combed hair.

As I’ve mentioned before, Tom is a hot person.  He insists on us sleeping with the window open even in minus temperatures, so I sleep face down with my arms folded underneath me to retain heat.  I go through long periods where I have difficulty sleeping and I’m going through one at the moment.  I lie in bed listening to the drone of cars passing by in the street outside and wonder who’s driving them, and where they’re going.  Does anyone else do that? Sometimes I reminisce over nighttime car journeys from when I was younger – counting the lights that illuminated the motorway and watching red taillights blur and refract in the rain.  We used to go away a lot as a family when I was younger so journeys of this nature were fairly frequent – my brother and I in the back of the car arguing about who owned the space between our seats.  I particularly used to adore our journeys away in the caravan – packing up belongings, loading up our bikes and venturing around Britain or over to France.  I’ve always loved any activity that makes you feel like you’re part of the nature around you and I used to lie awake at night in the caravan imagining all the animals that might be just a few feet away from me outside (with only a sheet of metal – or canvas if we were camping – between me and the thick, enveloping nighttime).  I regret that through our full time jobs we’ve lost the gift of spontaineity and adventure.  When it warms up again and the evenings are lighter I’d like to use Tom’s campervan more and spend more evenings camping in the forest; toasting marshmallows over a fire, drinking cold ciders, barbecuing and spending time just enjoying being under a blanket of stars and trees swaying in a dusky breeze.

I seem to mention it a lot on here but these really are the things that make me happy – life’s simple pleasures. I’m such a simple soul really.  Although I do spend money on clothes the majority of things that I derive happiness and contentment from are the little details that cost nothing – a quiet moment enjoying a steaming mug of peppermint tea, listening to a storm outside when you’re cosy and safe in bed, a long walk in the forest on a crisp, Autumnal day, the first signs of Spring.  On Monday Tom and I went to the spa we’ve joined after dinner and it was completely empty.  I swam lengths, ducking and diving under the water and extending my arms out, enjoying the freedom of backstroke in an empty pool.  We lay back in the jacuzzi and talked about our days at work and sat in the steam room feeling the stress of the day pour out of us.  When we walked back to the car I took a moment to breathe in the cool, night air and I just felt so blissfully content.  I feel really lucky at the moment and I try not to take anything for granted.  I scoop Bodhi into my arms as soon as I arrive home and tell him how pleased I am to see him, even though he might not understand.  I savour every smile from a stranger, kind word from a friend and long phonecall with a family member because it keeps my heart warm those few moments longer and because I want it to resonate and sink into my bones.

I mentioned that I feel so creative and inspired lately and I want to make more opportunities to share these things with you – to tell you of my quiet moments with tea, recipes from tasty dinners I’ve made recently, the undiscovered gems where I live, my morning dog walks, the books I’m immersed in and the other blogs that make me smile.  To sit you down like a good friend, and catch up.  I’ve said before that my blog has evolved hugely since it started and pretty dresses and pampering will always play a part in this space but at its core and in its roots are the simplicity of photography and words and I will always come back to that.  I promise.

//sunset over southampton

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