Hairy Jayne Handmade Hair Care Review

One of the things I’m really passionate about both through this blog and in my shopping habits generally is supporting small or independent businesses.  I have great admiration (and a tinge of envy!) for anyone who has the nous to start their own business and it makes me really happy to see people producing things they really care about.  You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for natural, environmentally friendly products and pretty packaging so Hairy Jayne – the brainchild of Graphic Designer turned hairdresser Jayne, who now produces her own natural shampoos and conditioners – could not be more up my street.

I was over the moon when I was asked to review the Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection in Geranium, Bergamot and Vanilla (£11).  As you can see from the photos, the products come beautifully designed and packaged (Jayne’s background in Graphic Design is clearly a great accolade to the company). Jayne kindly put in with the package some of her Musk Treatment Conditioner and a little handwritten note that really made me smile.

In my excitement at receiving such a lovely little package I then went a bit stalker and decided to find out more about Jayne (who, it transpires, is not really that hairy).  As I mentioned earlier, Jayne is a hairdresser based in Brixton.  She formulates, brews, mixes, fragrances and packages all of her products in her Brixton studio.  All of the ingredients in her products have been chosen for their hair-friendly qualities – the shampoos are sulfate free and all of her products are free of parabens.  The whole process is eco-conscious and all bottles and packaging are recyclable.  Her range contains a variety of shampoos and conditioners suitable for different hair types and all in three naturally scented fragrances.

The hair perfume itself smells utterly divine.  I tried it first on dry hair to give it a bit of a boost between washes and it smelt totally gorgeous and made my hair feel soft and nourished.  I then used it on wet hair before drying it and again the scent was wonderful (Tom immediately commented on how nice my hair smelled) and I definitely noticed less flyaway/broken hairs after drying with a hairdryer.

I’m really excited to try the Musk Treatment Conditioner, which is also great value at £6.75.  All in all I feel really excited to have found such a wonderful company and I’ll definitely be buying more of Jayne’s handmade range (I can faintly hear the sound of my hair rejoicing).  If you want to try some of her handmade goodies checkout the Hairy Jayne website.  If you’re a London type Jayne also sells inside Lassco’s at Maltby Street Market on Saturdays.  Jayne has also kindly offered 10% off to A Rosie Outlook readers with the code BLOG10.

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