#50commentchallenge and five favourites

When I started blogging, it was to create an outlet for my
writing and photography.  I wanted to find a way to capture the little
details of my everyday life and have a little creative corner of the internet
just for myself.  I had no idea that there was a blogging community, that
there were whole reams of fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs out there
and that there were people who I would form friendships with that I would come
to truly value.  It’s those elements that were undiscovered until a month
or so into blogging that have made it evolve into the huge part of my life that
it is today.  It makes me sound like a lonely heart but it really is the
interaction, and friendship, that is the foundation of blogging for me.  I
love chatting to other bloggers and blog readers on Twitter and I get excited
by every new comment or email I receive.  I routinely read back through
old posts and comments and it struck me the other day that although my readers
and followers have increased, my blog comments haven’t especially.  Of
course I don’t mind this but it did make me wonder if leaving comments is
starting to decline, and when I look at my own blog reading habits I know I
sometimes have a lot to answer for in that department too.  Apart from my
marathon blog reading sessions on Sunday evenings, my blog reading is usually
done on lunchbreaks, or in a few moments whilst dinner is cooking or before I
go to bed.  I find myself reading and enjoying a post, and then sometimes
moving on to another blog without commenting, especially if I’m reading on my
phone or Kindle Fire.

Knowing how much pleasure receiving comments gives me, I
decided to set myself a challenge of commenting on 50 blogs every week,
probably via a little blitz of comments in an evening or afternoon.  I
won’t be leaving generic or short comments just for the sake of it, I want to
take the time to leave some thoughtful words after a post I’ve particularly
enjoyed, to spread a little comment joy.  

As well as the #50commentchallenge (yeah, I hashtagged it,
in a blog post – #loser) I’ll be sharing my five favourite blog posts I’ve read
and commented on that week (or day).  I’ve ticked off my 50 since last
Thursday when I started my challenge and here are five posts that have made me
smile this week.

1. Taz and Bear – Home Sweet Home

I always get excited when I see a post from Becca pop up on my feed.  Immaculately styled, beautifully photographed and pretty as a peach, Becca’s blog and outfits are always a huge inspiration to me.  I loved the light in this post, so crisp and clear and the little details of her outfit are perfection.

2. Love Audrey – Less Like Winter, Not Quite Spring

I love Franky’s blog and her account of a wet and windy seaside walk with her children, complete with salty chips and a trip to the arcade really made me smile.  She captures things so wonderfully I almost felt like I was there too.

3. Lotts and Lots – Good Books – February

Lotts’ blog was a new find for me this week and just discovering her blog alone has made my meandering around the internet in my project to leave some comment love worthwhile.  Her beautiful review of her current favourite interior design reads had me furiously adding them all to my Amazon wishlist and I’m excited to have found such a lovely new blog to read – her mix of jewellery and home-y DIYs and wonderful photography and interiors inspiration feels so unique and the blogosphere and I can’t wait to read more.

4. Charlotte’s Web – Farm Days

Charlotte’s blog is one of my favourites; I love the little insights into her life, her weekly snapshots and her SEO tips for bloggers have been incredibly useful.  Her post about a trip to a nearby farm had me laughing out loud, she has such a talent for capturing the amusing little details of life.

5. Sailboat – Lately

Jennie’s blog has been one of my absolute favourites since I first started blogging.  Her blog is a constant source of inspiration for me and she puts so much effort and care into blogging that I get excited every time a post pops up in my feed as I know it’s going to be a beautifully photographed, thoughtful read.  Jennie took a little break from blogging and her post about coming back and feeling excited and inspired to blog again really resonated with me.

So those were my five favourite posts this week.  I hope you enjoyed this new little feature and please do join in with my #50commentchallenge and featuring the favourites you’ve stumbled across on your blog (only if you’d like, of course!)  On a final note, I’ve discovered that if you try and follow me on GFC via my custom domain (www.arosieoutlook.com) it doesn’t work, so if you’ve been missing my posts lately you might want to delete and re-add my Blogger address: arosieoutlook.blogspot.com.  Thanks lovelies <3

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