Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist 04

Happy Monday! Did anyone else feel decidedly glum today? I woke up feeling very maudlin, then I saw in the papers that today is apparently the ‘most depressing day of the year’ and cursed myself for being such a cliché.  One of the contributing factors is that everyone is poor after an expensive Christmas so maybe this wishlist is a little ill-timed but I must confess to having done quite a lot of online window shopping this weekend so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been eyeing up.

This is part wishlist and part ‘bought list’ in actuality as I’m going out next Friday and fancied something new to wear.  Confession time: I might have treated myself to not one, but three dresses (for trying on purposes of course) and I couldn’t resist the cheetah shirt dress [1], ornamental print playsuit [2] or the monochrome striped dress [5] (all the links are under the montage).  I’m telling myself I’ll send at least one of the unsuitable ones back! I will, I will!

Of course, no wishlist of mine is complete without a pair of shoes.  I actually bought a pair of Dr Martens boots this week (not the laced ones, just some plain knee-highs) but I’ve also been eyeing up this pair of flat shoes; they remind of some I might have worn to school a frightening amount of years ago but I also like the idea of wearing them to add a bit of clompiness (is that a word? I’ll go with it) to a pretty dress…

1. – Boohoo – £25
2. – Boohoo – £25
3. Metallic bodycon dress – Fashion Union – £26
4. Derby shoes – Spartoo – £67
5 – Missguided – £18.99
6 – Missguided – £14.99

Have you got your eye on anything new this week?

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