Valentines Gifts For Men

I’ve always been fairly indifferent to Valentine’s Day regardless of whether I’ve been single or in a relationship. However, for the last couple of years Tom and I have made an effort to have a bit of a date night and do something special, in fact we’ve done the same thing both years and bought a three course dinner from Marks and Spencers and had a DVD night in with wine.  This year is slightly different as Tom’s away a fair amount doing training in February and March and period around Valentine’s Day is one of the few where he’s home.  We’re going for an amazing sounding three course dinner at The Kings Hotel in Christchurch which will be a good excuse to dress up and spend some quality time together.  I’ve never really bought into the idea of buying expensive Valentine’s Day gifts, especially so soon after Christmas but when I did have a quick nose around the internet I was a bit shocked at some of the vomit-inducing gift ideas they had for the men in our lives.  I know Tom well enough to know he would prefer a hip flask or a watch over a teddy bear or a balloon any day.  The engraved message seeds may be erring on the side of slushy but I couldn’t resist them! And the second card really made me smile – if you’re stumped for what to buy for that special someone you’re only ‘casually dating’ then this is the one.

[Direct links to items are the first links]

1. Hip flask – £28 – Men’s Society at Not on the High Street

2. Cufflinks – £25 – Wue at Not on the High Street

3. Valentine’s Card – $4 – Echo Letter Press at Etsy

4. Valentine’s Card – $4 – Emily McDowell Draws at Etsy

5. Mug – £8.50 – Bread & Jam at Not on the High Street

6. Sekonda Party Time watch – £33.99 – Men’s Watches at Watch Warehouse

7. Voucher for Traditional Wet Shave – £42.50 – Murdock

8. Message Beanstalk Seeds – £3 – Beecycle at Not on the High Street

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