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I was recently contacted by the price comparison website, who undertook some research to find out how much women spend on boots in A/W compared to the beginning of the following year.  Apparently the average price of a pair of boots in October is £131.58, but by February it falls to £106.18.  Obviously no-one wants to freeze their toes off and wait until February to get some winter boots so instead Idealo challenged me (and some other bloggers) to find a great pair of boots for less than £106.18 on Idealo, and style them with three different outfits.

You might remember from my Clarks shoes review that I rather fell in love with their Mortimer Liz boots.  I was over the moon when I spotted them on Idealo (their price comparison system finds the best price for you and even searches for available voucher codes).  Idealo found them cheapest on Surfdome for £79.99 (and way under the £106 budget!) and they were promptly shipped out to me.  I am completely in love with them, they are fully sherpa lined and certainly kept my feet cosy on our dog walk this afternoon.  I paired them with Primark skinny jeans and my gorgeous new coat – a Christmas present from my parents (from Zara).

Do you ever get those weird flashbacks of places you visited years ago and feel the urge to go? I remembered earlier that we often used to visit Southbourne on sunny days when I lived in Southampton and that there was a mural on one of the roads near the beach of a lost dog and I suddenly had the urge to go and see it.  Thank god for the internet, which found the artist and the location of the painting with relative ease.  Nina Camplin paints murals of lost dogs to help their owners find them.  The one we visited is a mural of Henry, a greyhound from Poole.  The mural has been there years as Henry was lost in 2006.

Outfit post Zara coat

Outfit post Zara coat and boots

It was such a perfect day for a walk along the beach and the perfect way to spend the last day of my Christmas leave before I go back to work tomorrow.  I have a pretty full on day of work tomorrow so I’ll be getting an early night tonight, though not before a few more episodes of Dexter on the sofa – we’ve nearly finished Season Four and it’s getting very gripping!

I’ll be posting my further two looks with these boots later this week.  Unfortunately the sunshine didn’t stay around long enough for two more outfits and my new tattoo (on my foot and shin) started being unhappy about being under tight jeans and boots! I posted twice today so if you’re a bleached blonde head like me then scroll down for my purple shampoo review post.  Hope you’ve all had a brilliant first day of 2013.

Clarks Mortimer Liz

Nina Camplin lost dog

Southbourne beach

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