Bringing myself to buy better

I made lots of resolutions in 2012, but the one I most frequently reference on here is my attempts to ‘buy less, buy better’ and to start creating a capsule wardrobe full of key pieces.  This year I was lucky enough to receive a Michael Kors watch from Tom and a beautiful Zara coat from my parents and I can’t describe how nice it feels to wear a good quality coat and have my lovely watch poking out from under the sleeve.  I know that makes me sound terribly superficial but I just feel smart and well-presented when I wear things that I know feel, and look, quality.  You might notice however that the two now, more expensive single items I wear, and treasure, were gifts.  I want to own more high end items but I find it difficult to bring myself to spend the money.  The silliness of it is that it’s not the amount I spend on clothes itself, it’s the amount I get for my money.  I’d happily spend £150 in a month on buying a few items of clothing and maybe a couple of pairs of shoes, but I’d baulk on spending that on say, a single pair of jeans.  In the long run however, it doesn’t make good sense – as after a few washes of a cheap item of clothing it begins to look worn, or it eventually comes to holes and I buy more, when I could have still been enjoying a more expensive, better quality item.  Take the recent January sales.  I knew I wanted a new bag, something that would last and I could treasure for years to come.  I’d backed away my cheaper bags and was prepared to spend a bit to get one bag to last the next couple of years.  I had some Christmas money and some savings, and I searched.  But the most I could allow myself to spend was £50 on a bag from Marks and Spencers.  There won’t be any Mulberry marked packages arriving at my door, sadly.

I’ve been making some wishlists of designer pieces I’d love to own one day, or items missing from my wardrobe (a good pair of jeans being one).  The Miu Miu Vitello tote has been a love of mine for some time – I even bought a similar replica from a market in Thailand some time ago (the zip broke after about a week!) I always used to play Postman as a child and deliver letters around our house so this Mulberry Bryn Postman’s Bag is a dream item (you can pick up this, and other items such as Mulberry UK clothing at Flannels).  I love the moto-esque detailing on the Patrizia Pepe jeans, and the Isabel Marant Etoile boyfriend coat is gorgeous.

For now, I’m continuing to put a few pounds into my money box every now and then.  I put £1 coins in, and when it’s full it will have £500 in, so I’ll certainly be able to treat myself to something special then.  How about you – would you rather have lots of cheaper items, or save for a while for a single designer piece?

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