25 facts about me

I’ve seen a few people do these ‘facts about me’ posts recently and I haven’t done one on here since I first started blogging so I thought it’d be a bit of fun to do another.  I was planning on doing 50 but it got a bit long so I’ll do another 25 next week (unless people hate these kind of posts, in which case I might leave you hanging – let me know!)  Here goes…

1. Last FM says that my most played artists of all time are The Mountain Goats, City and Colour, Say Anything and Austin Lucas.

2. I did karate from when I was about 11 years old until I was 15.  I got to brown belt but left to focus on revising for my GCSEs.  I’d love to go back but I haven’t plucked up the courage yet.  My Dad went too (but to the adult classes) and our Sensei once accidentally broke my his arm.

3. I find it really difficult to tell the time on an analogue watch. I wear my Michael Kors watch every day but when people ask me the time I have to check it on my phone.

4. An anagram of my name is ‘Aspiring Poet’. Also ‘Posing Pirate’.  I think I have been both of these at some stage in my life.

5. I am utterly repulsed by mushrooms.  I can’t stand to watch people eat them or see them on people’s plates – it makes me feel physically sick.

6. I was a total tomboy when I was younger and much preferred climbing trees, skateboarding and beating the boys at Street Fighter to doing anything girly.

7. I was born in Cornwall and lived there until I was 7 (my Dad was in the Navy so we moved around a little bit).

// Me being a Naval Officer in the garden with my Daddy

8. I once fell off my bike on the way to school and broke my ankle.  My brother and his friends laughed at me.  I also broke my arm falling off a rope swing.

9. I am a major fonts geek, I’m always downloading new fonts and use of Comic Sans or Times New Roman physically pains me.

10. I am definitely a ‘cold person’.  I’m always trying to sneakily up the temperature on the central heating thermostat and the lounge is always freezing to me so if I’m in there I’ll be found hiding under blankets and lots of layers on the sofa.

11. I’ve always been a major chocoholic.  When I was younger I used to save my lunch money to buy five bars of chocolate for a £1 at the corner shop and eat them in one sitting.

12. The sound of light aircraft engines when they’re flying overhead makes me feel really sad and lonely.

13. As does when horses in horse races carry on even though the jockey has fallen off.

14. I have a quote from the film ‘Me and You and Everyone we Know‘ tattooed across my calves.

15. When I about 13 I got a bit obsessed with Matthew Perry and wrote him a fan letter.  He didn’t reply.

16. I have a little stuffed animal called ‘Doggy’ that I got the day after I was born.  He still sleeps in my bed every night.

17. When I was very young he had to have some emergency stitches as his stuffing was coming out.  I went and put on my nurse’s uniform and oversaw the operation.

18. If I say the word hippopotamus without thinking I say it as hippotopamus.  I have to really concentrate to get it right.

19. One of my favourite books as a child was an Usborne book about ghosts and monsters.  I still have a real curiosity about the supernatural and can while away hours reading about mysterious sightings and stories on Wikipedia.

20. When I was in Infant’s School my teacher wrote on my school report ‘Rosie does not suffer fools gladly’.  This is probably still true.

21. A few years ago I spent ten days in hospital in Florida with an ulcerated oesophagus (worst holiday ever).

22. My favourite films are Amelie, Rushmore (well, pretty much anything by Wes Anderson), Goodfellas, Fargo, No Country For Old Men and Juno.

23. I met my boyfriend, Tom, when we were part of a team on a yacht at a sailing training event for the organisation we both work for.  One of my close friends originally had his place but he was drafted in to replace her when she became poorly (fate!) We worked at completely different locations so if it hadn’t been for the event we’d never have met.

24. Tom and I have a matching set of freckles on our left arm and they both look like the Orion’s Belt constellation.

25. My favourite number is 43.

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