Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist 01

I have to confess to being an utter greedy guts at the moment and I’m a little bit ashamed.  Despite being lucky enough to score an ASOS voucher in the Yourvine challenges, buying things with the 30% off voucher and having written out a Christmas list I still keep on spying things I want!  I recently created a little ‘shopping’ bookmarks folder and I thought I’d start sharing things that are currently on my wishlist for potential payday purchases.

1// shirt, fashion union, £25 – I only came across Fashion Union recently, am I late to this party? I now have quite a long list of things I want from there, along with the dress in the bottom left I also love this shirt – love the leather collar and collar chain.

2// heels, chinese laundry, £79 – I was having a flat shoes moment for a while but after wearing heels to a meeting last week and remembering how nice I feel in them I’ve been looking around for some more nice high shoes to add to my wardrobe; these would be perfect with a little black dress.

3// cambridge satchel, £114 – I have to return lots of things to ASOS from my voucher order and instead of faffing around with trying on things and risking sending them back again Sarah suggested I put the return money towards a nice bag I will treasure.  I have always wanted a Cambridge Satchel so I’m very tempted!

4// dress, fashion union, £28 – My work Christmas do is just a meal at a restaurant so I can’t go too glitzy – I think this dress would be perfect with a blazer and tights.

5// coat, missguided – £49.99 – I have had this on my wishlist for ages! My Mum has treated me to a Zara coat for Christmas but this is a close second favourite, love the burgundy colour and the fur collar.

6// shoes, missguided – £19.99 – These are on my Christmas list, they just look so cosy!

I’ve currently got a banging headache so I’m going to turn off the computer now and go for a long soak in the bath in the dark! Hope you’ve all had lovely Saturdays.

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