Spotlight on: Apparel Uncut

I think it’s really important to support and promote small or independent businesses, so when my brother told me that a friend of his had started his own streetwear company I knew I wanted to feature it on my blog.  I’ve been chatting to AJ, who owns and runs Apparel Uncut for some time now and you might have noticed one of their backpacks in a recent gift guide, along with the advert on the sidebar.  Their t-shirts are awesome and I also love their hoodies and beanies – here is me in my Apparel Uncut shirt.

Outfit post DIY studded jacket
shirt: apparel uncut £22 // studded jacket: DIY here
leather panel leggings: £11.99
boots: boohoo [old – ]

Outfit post Apparel Uncut

I had a quick catchup with AJ to find out more about the brand;

When did you start Apparel Uncut?

I started the brand back in January this year after a year of research into materials, brands, suppliers, designs and logos. The brand started as I always loved to design and make my own creative t-shirts using basic materials and people seemed to love what I produced and it just grew from there.

How did you come up with the name?

The name Apparel Uncut was based around my personal love for apparel clothing and also movies.  I think it implies a street/urban touch – the logo also features a film reel.  You’ll also see it referred to as AxU, which I use as its nickame.

The website doesn’t feature much about you, the owner – is this a conscious decision? What are the drivers for the brand – where do you see it in future?

I like to keep hidden away from the brand as I feel it should be more about the brand itself and the people who wear it.  I want people to feel cool wearing my clothes and I am constantly developing it and putting effort into future projects, materials and designs. I want to get my clothes into the coolest boutique shops around the UK and make people feel a part of the brand. I am lucky enough to have a massive team that supports me and works for FREE! And I couldnt ask for much more as I screamed for help at the begining and no one helped. Now I turn people away for help.  As AxU continues I want to hold events and try and give back to communities.  So stay tuned for the future of AxU!


I love how passionate AJ is about AxU and it helps that they have an awesome product line and loads more planned for the future.  Do check them out.

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