Parka jackets and steak sandwiches

Just a quick post today as it’s Christmas Eve and I’m sure you’ve got much better things to be doing that looking at photos of me in my new coat.  Yesterday Tom and I made the trip over to my parents’ house near Portsmouth but on the way we stopped off for lunch at a relatively new restaurant in Christchurch called the Arcado Lounge. Like a kid at Christmas (except for one that’s been naughty and bought lots of new things just before Christmas) I wanted to wear all of my new things at once regardless of whether they technically ‘went’ together.  Behold my new parka jacket, boots and satchel! The parka was a bargainous £35 from – I saw it on their Facebook and knew I had to own it, it’s shearling lined and so cosy (though the hood is a bit OTT, it’s literally huge!) I bought the boots when In Love With Fashion had a 50% off code last week so luckily I wasn’t too annoyed when they went down to £24 in the sale, again a bargain for that price.  Also obviously loving my new satchel too though slightly annoying having to do and undo the buckles all the time, I would have preferred a popper!

Outfit post ILWF boots
coat: sheinside £35 // jeans: cheap monday  [old] boots: in love with fashion: £24 // satchel: cambridge satchel via asos

Outfit post parka jacket

As I mentioned, we nipped to Arcado Lounge in Christchurch for lunch.  We hadn’t been since it opened in September and I immediately fell in love with it as soon as we walked in, the interior was amazing and it has my perfect menu – burgers, tapas, sandwiches and lots of other tasty main meals.  I had a steak sandwich and Tom had a burger with chorizo, chipotle sauce and chillis.

Arcado Lounge




We’re now all settled in at my parents’ and ready for a day of Christmas films, mince pies and board games.  I hope you’re having a wonderful festive period with lots of mini foods and sofa times! I feel really lucky to be with my family at Christmas and to be enjoying good food in their lovely home, I watched on the news this morning about the impact of the floods and feel so sorry for people who haven’t been able to get home for Christmas, or, worse, people who’ve had their homes ruined by the floods.  Hope you all have a lovely Christmases and that Arthur Chimpus (as my Dad calls him) brings you everything you wish for.

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