An update and a bookmark dump

I’ve just got home from the South West Bloggers Christmas Party and am currently lounging in my reindeer onesie eating cheese and crackers, who says I don’t know how to end a good night eh? I am currently much too tired and still recovering from Cheryl’s rally drive of a journey back home to blog about the day now so I’ll save that, and the two photos I actually took at the event for another day and give a little catchup on the last week instead.

Last week was a poorly one after I caught Tom’s cough/cold/general germiness despite all the vitamins I stuffed myself with.  I promised myself that I’d work really hard with my exercising so I probably didn’t help myself with persisting with morning runs and Pump classes and eventually had to give in and take the day off work on Friday to sleep and get myself better.  I also told myself that I’d eat healthily up until Christmas Eve but it’s so difficult with all the Christmas meals in the run up to it, and the fact that our table in the staff room at work is now a festive spread of tins of Quality Street, fudge and mince pies! It was our work Christmas dinner on Wednesday (it was very civilised!) and I wore a dress I bought a couple of months ago from H&M. We did our Secret Santa at the meal and Tom (he works at the same place as me) was given Fifty Shades of Grey which was bizarre and amusing in equal amounts.

Dip hem dress outfit post
dress: h&m [old] // similar boots: bullboxer at spartoo: £61.99 here
ASOS and H&M outfit post
 leather jacket [old, from Barneys Originals // ]Vivienne Westwood clutch from Spartoo
jewellery from 
Kukee and Me & Zena


Oh how I hate taking photos indoors! You might have noticed I re-bleached my roots, well I say I, Tom actually does my roots for me, he is very handy with a tinting brush! I use Live Colour XXL in Platinum and then wash it out and leave on Fudge Violet Shampoo which gives it that lilac-y tint.  I use that a couple of times a week with Aussie Three Minute Miracle to keep it healthy looking despite the bleaching.

This week is a busy one with my Book Club Christmas Meal on Monday (yes I go to a book club, yes I am a dweeb) – we’re going to the Harvester where you can get three courses for £13.99 and salad bar! To say I’m excited is an understatement (must remember not to eat so much salad bar I can’t eat my meal this time). On Wednesday I’m getting more added to the tattoos on my feet so the rest of my week will be spent with my shoes off and my feet up as Tuesday is my last day at work before Christmas! I’ll be making sure everything’s wrapped and the house is looking nice ahead of visits from both Tom’s family and mine at the weekend.  Are you all ready for Christmas yet?  All of that wrapping has meant there’s lots of empty wrapping paper tubes for Bodhi to play with, I’m not sure if he’s scared of them or he likes them though as you can tell from the video below! (Sorry bad iPhone quality).

Here’s some bits I’ve recently been bookmarking or I thought were worth a share…

// I loved this article by Pitch and Post on ‘How important are comments on your blog?‘ – really interesting reading.

// I’ve been using these holiday gift tag printables for all of my gift tags this Christmas; printed on card, holepunched and strung on bakers’ twine they look so pretty!

// I love Snickerdoodles so these Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies are definitely being baked this Christmas!

// Whilst I’m on the subject of the Tasty Kitchen blog, check out their Red Velvet Hot Cocoa, Pumpkin Spice Hot Apple Cider and Nutella and Sea Salt Fudge

// Absolutely loving everything on Not A Box – their mirrors and lanterns are gorgeous!

Will sign off now as I’m starting to get a headache, probably from the champagne and huge slab of cake I consumed this afternoon but I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends,

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