Uniqlo Heattech review

I am self-confessed cold person.  I am almost always cold and my perfect afternoon would be being snug in a blanket, by a log fire with mulled wine or hot chocolate.  Sensing a theme? Tom is a ‘hot person’ (though he would claim that his temperature gauge is normal and I am just broken) so our life at home is a constant game of opening windows, closing windows, turning down the heating, cranking up the heating etc.
On those annoying occasions where I have to leave the confines of my home my tactic is layering.  But sometimes, swathed in jumpers, hoodies, coats and scarves, you tend to feel a little bit more Michelin Man than winter chic.

For this reason, I’ve always been curious about Uniqlo’s Heattech range.  The range claims to keep you toasty by producing heat from moisture evaporating from your body, which air pockets then store in the fibre of the clothes to keep the warmth on your body, meaning you don’t need to wear endless layers.  The science sounds good, but ‘does it really work?’ I wondered.  So when I was sent a Press Pack about the Heattech range, complete with a long-sleeved Heattech top and leggings, I was so excited to try them out.

The first thing I noticed is that they’re refreshingly, well… fashionable for clothes that are so functional. I was expecting almost like thermals, or long-johns – something that would be hidden under other clothes, but instead they simply feel like good quality, well-made basics that you wouldn’t want to hide away.  Aside from what I would call the ‘basics’ range in plain colours, Uniqlo have gone even further and developed ranges of accessories, loungewear and even jeans with the pioneering fabric.  Here are some of my favourites…

uniqlo heattech

I’m definitely snapping up the ‘lounge cardigan‘ – bottom left – it looks so cosy and is a snip at £19.90.  It also comes in a wine colour which is so lovely I think it would have to make a trip out of the house rather than just being for lazy afternoons at home.

If you still were unconvinced that fashionable and functional do not possible bedfellows make then have a peek at the Orla Kiely collection – Heattech turtle necks in gorgeous Orla Kiely prints will be available from early next month.

But back to my original question, does it work? The answer for me would be a resounding yes.  I tried the long sleeved top first and wore it under a jumper for a dog walk.  I could feel that my core was much warmer than it would have been if I’d layered up with two other t-shirts or tops.  I then wore it running under a thin running top and if anything I was too warm!  I’ve been wearing the leggings under jogging bottoms for early morning dog walks and they definitely do the trick.

I was a massive fan of Uniqlo anyway but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Heattech range – it’s got everything from items to cosy up in at home to clothes to throw on for a shopping trip or walk to ensure you stay warm.

I should probably add that Uniqlo sent me some codes for some of my readers to snap up some Heattech goodies from the Oxford Street store but I am useless and got the closing date wrong, so I hope you spotted that offer on Katie or Mel’s blogs instead! I can promise however that it is well worth spending some of your pennies on, and I think the accessories would make perfect stocking fillers too!

Are you a warm or a cold person? Have you ever tried the Heattech range?