Bloggers Breakast | Our Living Room, Bournemouth

Going out for breakfast just seems like the perfect way to start a weekend day; a bustling café, the smell of coffee brewing, hot, buttered toast, a pot of steaming tea and a newspaper or good conversation (if there are pancakes, well, even better).  Some weeks ago myself, Emma (The Style Box) and Hannah (Bailey Cakes) scribbled a date in our diaries and arranged a very civilised, mini blogger’s breakfast at Our Living Room in Bournemouth for this Saturday, which I spent lots of time looking forward to, as what could be better than a  morning of gossips and good food!

// outfit is a remix of lots of current favourites, with the addition of my new Primark menswear bobble hat!

shirt: new look [old] | necklace: kukee £1.50
jeans: jamie topshop jeans [old] brogues: new look [old] sequin parka: ebay £40 | bag: hurley [old]

hat: primark mens

When Hannah and I arrived we saw Emma had bagsied us a table and was nursing a big pot of tea.  We quickly perused the menu – French toast, pancakes, popcorn granola and all sorts of other delicious treats… and then all ordered pancakes!  I ordered pancakes with Oreo and chocolate sauce, except when they brought it over they said they didn’t have any chocolate sauce so it was just pancakes and biscuits really – still yummy (and very naughty!)

me and emma
hannah’s photo of a photo

The Living Room’s coffee lounge is lovely, very cosy with lots of vintage furniture and a wonderful menu.  I had such a lovely morning; was really nice to get to know Emma and to be able to have a proper catch up with Hannah outside of our slogging it at the gym!

When I moved to Christchurch it was to be halfway between mine and Tom’s jobs (then in Weymouth and Southampton, now we both work round the corner!) so we really didn’t know anyone locally at all.  I feel so lucky to have struck up friendships through blogging that make me feel a bit less lonely in what is still quite a new town to me!  It helps that we all love our food and everyone seems more than willing to help me on my quest to tick off eating at all the local restaurants and cafés I’m dying to try!

Ooh, one more thing whilst I’m on the subject of food, if you’re a local food lover too I received a press release last week that might interest people – the new West Quay Southampton dining area is launching on Thursday (22nd) and on the day there’ll be lots of menu samples, offers and cookery demonstrations from Aldo Zilli.  The new dining area is going to have a diner, Wagamamas and Pizza Express, which I think is awesome for Southampton!

Do you enjoy going out for breakfast? Or, do you have any recommendations for awesome eateries in Hampshire/Dorset which I need to add to my list? Let me know!