This week

Some things I’ve done this week…

♥ Cooked the Secret Greens Tabbouleh with ingredients from my Abel and Cole veg box.  It was YUM. (I made it again the next day!)

♥ Bookmarked the Christmas Gift Hampers section on Baking Mad after seeing Katie’s post about Christmas recipes.

♥ Lusted after pretty much everything on Ever Ours, particularly their gorgeous blouses….

♥ Lost two hours of my Friday night to Fantasy Shopper, meaning I not only splashed (virtual) cash on there but found several things I now want to buy in real life.  Top of the list being this Lambswool cardigan from Uniqlo – wish they had it in my size!

♥ Went for date night with Tom to Christchurch Harbour Hotel – I had three courses including steak and chocolate parfait and then practically had to be rolled to bed! We go there as we get 50% off with our Taste Card (a card we pay £30 a year for as it gets us 50% off loads of restaurants). I noticed that Taste Card are doing a two month free trial at the moment if anyone else is interested – you don’t need to leave credit card details they just send you a card to try.

dinner outfit, playsuit, clutch
// quick snap of me on the way out to dinner;
playsuit: primark | heels: daisy street | jacket: boohoo

♥ Bought a printer – most people might find this ridiculously boring but the thought of being able to make gift tags and cards for Christmas is getting me excited! My Mum also sent me a link to a Youtube video about how to print on fabric which will definitely come in handy for homemade Christmas presents!

(I have mentioned Christmas twice already in a post about things I did the first week in October, um.. oops).

♥ Pulled out about half of my clothes and a quarter of my books to take to the car boot sale in a couple of weeks.  Feeling the need for a very thorough purge of all the things I don’t wear/use/read.

♥ Watched a documentary called Deep Water about the Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race and in particular about Donald Crowhurst, who entered the race and then secretly abandoned the race and was reporting false positions to make it look like he was actually going round the world.  Eventually he went mad and disappeared.  It’s such a tragic story and a really well executed documentary – we rented it from Lovefilm.

Hope you’ve all had lovely weeks!