The outfits not shown | Dressing down

One of the things I sometimes find about fashion blogging is that outfits posted by bloggers tend to be mostly the sort of outfits you would wear to dinner, or for a day out where you’d want to make a special effort. Understandable, as, if you are a fashion blogger (and I am not, though I do love reading fashion blogs and posting the occasional outfit) you want to keep up on trends and show your personality through styled and planned outfits rather than posting photos of the day when you sat scheduling blog posts in your boyfriend’s hoody and trackie bottoms or the lazy Sunday when you didn’t change out of your pajamas.  Nonetheless, I do sometimes like the more casual look and noticed how well some Americans do it when I was in Florida.  Maybe because I spent my youth hanging out with the boys at the skate park and enduring their skateboarding videos and magazines but as well as taking inspiration from some of the more dressed-up outfits around the blogosphere I equally think some girls look uber-cool in a pair of skinny jeans, Vans and a t-shirt and I love street style photos and blogs where you can see what people on the street are actually wearing.  I am somewhat jealous of bloggers who have such a specific personal style that they look immaculate every day but honestly, that’s not me – I adore dressing up in dresses and heels (and wear that to work most days), but if I’m nipping to the supermarket or out to see a friend at short notice I’ll more likely reach for skinny jeans and trainers.  I flit a lot between the polarisations of boy-ish casualwear (hoodies, jeans, sneakers) and super-girly dressed-upness (dresses, blazers and heels) and it frustrates me as I think because of that I don’t have a distinct style (except for my tendence to wear anything with a nautical theme!)

I thought I’d post a couple of more casual outfits I’ve happened to take photos of recently and open it up for a bit of a discussion as I am genuinely interested in whether people have a distinct style (and would be able to blog about all of their outfits, if that’s something you do), or if you have days off when casualwear is your weapon of choice.

One of the items on my shopping list in America was a pair of Converse as I think they’re such a classic trainer and go with almost anything.  I love how Fearne Cotton dresses down smarter outfits and dresses with them and equally I love them with turned up skinny jeans or even little shorts (not at the moment mind you, it’s flippin’ freezing). I also managed to squeeze my hobbit feet into kids’ Converse (despite the shop assistant telling me they were a UK size 2) so they were ridiculously cheap.  This is me dashing out the door to get my haircut…

jumper: glamour kills | jeans: tesco
low top trainers: converse | bag: claudia canova
hat: neff

I have also been trying to give my boohoo disco pants more outings so I’ve tried to make them more ‘daywear-y’ here with a t-shirt and my new much loved beanie.  My shoes are also new favourites from Spartoo, they are a brand I’ve never heard of before (Eleven Paris) and they do awesome canvas boots in loads of different colours – mine were £36 and I wore them on the plane they were so comfy.

disco pants: boohoo | t-shirt: topshop
shoes: eleven paris

This weekend I was away for the Leamington Spa Blogger Meet which was absolutely amazing and I’ll have all my photos from that up over the next few days, I also have a post almost ready to go about inspiration and creativity which has been really fun to write and I hope you all enjoy.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on whether you have a personal ‘style’ and whether you like to dress up all the time or have a place in your life for jeans and a t-shirt!