Sequin sleeved parka

A little while ago I spotted a photo of the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh sporting a rather cute sequin-sleeved parka and decided that I basically needed to own it.  I love the trend at the moment of parkas with leather sleeves, or leather jackets with sheepskin sleeves and so on but I hadn’t at that point seen one with sequin sleeves and I loved that it was a bit different (looking at the photo again I can’t say I’m loving her leather trousers but at that point I was focussing on the coat…)

After some Googling around I found it on a website for about £55 and felt I couldn’t justify spending that.  Then along comes Victoria’s eBay post #20 and like a gift from the Gods there was the same coat for £38.  Obvs I snapped it up! That one had sold out at that point so I hunted and found one for slightly less P&P; here’s the one I bought.

And here is me looking rather pleased with myself in my spangly new coat.  Look at the way it glitters and shines, oohhhh.

bowler hat: oxfam | parka: ebay
bag: primark | chinos: jack wills
pumps: betty london via spartoo* – £34

The shoes I’m wearing are new, they’re little ballet pumps (yeah, you can see that I know!) by Betty London.  Ballet pumps, or flat shoes in general, are a bit of a wardrobe staple of mine, especially for work, but I traditionally always buy them from Primark or H&M and they feel so flimsy and end up letting in water or splitting after a few months. These are suede and the quality is just completely different, I have a feeling these will be lasting me a while!

Hope you’ve all had good Mondays, I felt slightly glum today so I’m glad the working day is over – I’m heading out shortly to a book club but I’m fearing being kicked out as I haven’t had a chance to finish the book, I’m only about a quarter of the way through! The book we were supposed to read was Jubilee by Shelley Harris, has anyone read it? I found it kind of slow and last night the bulb of my reading light blew when I was furiously trying to plough through it so I gave up and went to sleep! I’ll be the one hiding behind my drink and hoping no-one asks me what I thought of it!