Introducing Shopcade

I was recently asked by the lovely people at Best British Bloggers if I wanted to try out Shopcade, a new Pinterest-esque way of creating boards and lists of items you want to buy and sharing them with friends that follow you, or your own friends on Facebook.  I thought that it was worth a review on here as it’s definitely a website you can expect to hear more about in the future, and if you’re an avid window shopper and like browsing around for things to buy and having them all in one place then I think this will be right up your street.  One of the selling points and main features of Shopcade is that if you buy an item on there, or someone buys from your board, you get a cash reward, and as it’s linked directly to Facebook (that’s the way you login to the site), if you were frequently sharing items with friends and they were buying, the rewards would stack up.

// my shopcade

A lot of the most popular high street and e-commerce brands are in their brands section.  When I first started using Shopcade I thought that these were the only brands on there and was disappointed to see a lot of my favourites missing, but if you use the A-Z at the top of the page there are hundreds more – in fact there are actually 30,000 brands on there and over 70 million products.  Another thing I looked for when I first joined is the equivalent of the ‘Pin it’ button on Pinterest but at this stage you can only add things to your Shopcade by browsing the site, you can’t add things from elsewhere on the interweb.

I think as the site grows and more people join it will be a really fun site to use – for bloggers it could be a way of illustrating wishlists and having all of your ‘wished for’ items in one place; and getting rewards when people buy things you’re recommending or lusting after could be a huge benefit.  You could even use Shopcade for things like Christmas lists or wedding registries.  You have a trendsetter score which reflects how much you use the site, and how influential you are.  Your score means you can access a variety of perks; with a low score meaning you can access things like discount codes, and a high score meaning you can get things like a Kindle, Ray Bans or Hotel Chocolat goodie bags.

// perks page

Like Pinterest, Shopcade is definitely a site you can get lost in and you could spend hours adding things and looking at others’ pages.  If you’re following someone on there with whom you share similar tastes for example you could find yourself tempted to spend lots of money on all the lovely things they’ve found.  The fact that there’s shops on there like Firebox alongside fashion and beauty retailers means you can be lusting after cosmetics and dresses and then finding yourself tempted to buy a slushie maker.

I have really enjoyed using Shopcade and I think as it grows and more people join it could be a really popular site with lots of different uses and benefits.  If you want to check it out you can go straight to the Shopcade website or use the links below.

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